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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 This scene begins the play with the ending of another play, The Beggar's Opera. The objective of this lesson is to explore why the author chose to begin A Chorus of Disapproval in this manner.

1) 1.) Group analysis: Split the class into three or four small groups and have each group discuss the following: Why do you think the author chose to begin the play in this manner? Project what purpose it might serve to the rest of the play.

2.) Class discussion: Do you think the author is using this as a foreshadowing tool? Why or why not?

3.) Adjectives: Have each student choose an adjective to describe this scene. Write each on the board and the number of times that adjective is chosen. Discuss each student's choice and why they feel it is appropriate.

4.) Homework: Using the research method of your choice, find a synopsis...

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