A Chorus of Disapproval Character Descriptions

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Mr. Ames - This character is PALOS's shy piano player.

Bridget Baines - This character's official position at PALOS is stage manager and script prompt.

Fay Hubbard - This character is an attractive, sophisticated thirty-something member of the local younger married jet-set.

Ian Hubbard - This character owns a building firm and wants to buy another character's land.

Jarvis Huntley-Pike - Mad but harmless, this character owns the land that is the subject of so much wheeling and dealing.

Rebecca Huntley-Pike - In all probability, this character is the source of the rumors about BLM expanding.

Guy Jones - This character is the protagonist, yet is a curiously faceless character.

Dafydd ap Llewellyn - This character is a lawyer whose real passion is the theater.

Crispin Usher - This character is a tough, hostile person who originally lands the part of MacHeath in the PALOS production...

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