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Act 1, Scene 1

• The play opens with the final scene of John Gay's 1728 satirical play, The Beggar's Opera, being performed by the members of the Pendon Amateur Light Opera Society.

• The Beggar's Opera tells the story of MacHeath, a petty thief who is engaged to one woman and married to another. He is betrayed for money, sentenced to death, and eventually reprieved.

• MacHeath, played by Guy Jones, stands center stage, surrounded by the other actors in the play. They are performing the final scene.

• When the scene is over and the curtain falls, Dafydd Llewellyn, the director, makes a speech thanking many people without naming them specifically.

• Dafydd does single out Guy Jones and says that the play would have never happened without him.

• Hannah, the woman who plays MacHeath's wife, Polly, enters after everyone leaves the stage. She is bringing Guy his street clothes.

• Hannah congratulates Guy and...

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