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Alice the Alligator

This creature is 12 feet long and mostly tame. She once bit off Wahoo’s thumb by accident. She is used in a scene in Expedition Survival.

Beulah the Python

This creature is 14 feet long. When she is not fed on time, she chomps Mickey’s foot and coils around him. When Derek tries to wrestle her, she is lethargic from a good dinner.

Luxury Motor Coach

This is how Derek travels for his show. It is equipped with air conditioning and fancy gadgets.


This is an area of subtropical wetlands in southern Florida. It is home to many dangerous and exotic creatures like alligators, crocodiles, venomous snakes, and panthers.

Old Sleepy

This is a stuffed alligator that Sickler mounts in the swamp so that tourists can always say that they saw at least one alligator.

Air Boats

These are a common means of transportation...

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