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Animal Wrangler

Make a list of animals that you would like to care for if you were an animal wrangler.


Create a diorama of Mickey's backyard.


Make a list of food that you would buy if you were making a trip into the Everglades.

Tuna and Wahoo

Draw a picture of Tuna and Wahoo.


Create a list of the names of creatures mentioned in the book and their scientific names.

Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure of the Everglades for someone who wants to tour the area.

Survival Show

Discuss with a group your concept for a survival show. Talk about location, stunts, and other logistics for the show.


Research alligators. Write a paragraph or two discussing what you learn about them, their habitat, and their way of life.


Use a Venn diagram graphic organizer to contrast Derek's image on his television show...

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