Chomp Character Descriptions

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Wahoo Cray

This character is a young teen whose father is an animal wrangler and his mother is a Chinese language teacher. He is named after a wrestler and football player. He lost a thumb when showing off with an alligator for a girl from school.

Mickey Cray

This character is an animal wrangler, and he has a daughter and a son. He suffers from headaches and double vision after a frozen iguana hit him on the head. He gets along better with animals than people.

Tuna Gordon

This character has curly hair and is small for her age. She lives with her father in a trailer in the Walmart parking lot. Her father abuses her while her mother is in Chicago taking care of her grandmother. She enjoys learning the scientific names of creatures.

Derek Badger

This character is a reality show host. He pretends to be a...

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