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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Victor say he wants his mother to stay alive?

2. What does Victor say to Mrs. Tsunimitsu?

3. In Chapter 9, in which department is Dr. Ward paged to meet his wife?

4. According to Paige Marshall, what was stolen from under the priest's bed?

5. Who does Victor admit to wanting to have sex with in Chapter 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Victor's opinion of his mother's well-being?

2. What does Victor know about Paige Marshall in the first part of this book?

3. Why would the narrator of the book start by saying not to read the book? What does this suggest about the narrator?

4. What causes Victors mother to say to Victor, "Oh, blessed Father. Holy Father. Oh, please forgive me?"

5. Explain Victor's "Hero Book."

6. In what case does Dr. Marshall tell Victor that he may be his own father?

7. Explain the connection Victor makes in Chapter 15 when he and his mother are in the stalled car and the pornography he saw as a child.

8. What aspects does Victor take into consideration when selecting a restaurant?

9. Describe Victor's relationship with Nico.

10. What does Victor do to try and learn his mother's secret?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Victor believes he is the second coming of Jesus Christ at one point in the novel.

a. Why does Victor believe this?

b. What is Victor's initial response to this?

c. What is his response after he's had time to think about it?

d. Why does his outlook change?

Essay Topic 2

When Victor is denying to himself the possibility of being the second coming of Christ, he set out to do things Jesus would not do.

a. What activities does Victor engage in that he thinks Jesus would not?

b. Why does Victor likely pick these activities specifically?

Essay Topic 3

Victor's first sexual experience is described in Chapter 40.

a. What happens in Victor's first sexual experience? Where is he? How does it happen?

b. What does Tracy get upset with Victor about?

c. According to Victor's therapy, what is the significance of this event?

d. How does this event lead to Victor's addiction?

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