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St. Anthony's Hospital

The place where Victor's mother stays.

Victor's mother house

Victor, and later his friend Denny, live here.

The Church

This is where Victor's sex addiction meetings are held.

The Chapel

This is where Victor has many liaisons with Dr. Marshall.

The Strip Club

This is where Victor and Denny visit, and Denny works on his art.

Colonial Dunsboro

This is a tourist attraction that recreates the 18th century.

The Zoo

Victor's mother took him here when he was a child.

Gwen's house

Victor waits in the closet here.

Miss Mancini's Diary

This is written in Italian.

Denny's Granite Rock

Denny pretends this object is a baby.

Denny's building

This object is the reason Denny collects rocks.

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