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Shadows of the past

Put sheets of paper on the wall and use a bright light. Trace the outline of a classmate's shadow just like the mommy painted the boy's shadow in Chapter 1.

The fourth step

Take inventory of your life. But instead of listing sexual activity as the narrator of this book did, list things you've done to help someone else.

Classroom Dunsboro

Dress as someone would have dressed in 18th century America. If possible, dress for a particular job and have the class try to guess the job.

I'm sending you back, to the future

Recreate the end of Choke if Paige had been from the year 2556.

This was your life

Act out a monologue pretending to be someone from your own past, just as Victor acted out the roles of patients at St. Antony's past.

A sign of the times

Each chapter in Choke has...

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