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Essay Topic 1

Chuck Palahniuk is known for his minimalist writing. Discuss each of the following devises in the context of how it contributed to literary minimalism.

a. Palahniuk's use of "See also: . . . " For example, "See also: Hypothermia. See also: Typhoid Fever."

b. Palahniuk also uses the phrase " . . . is not the right word, but it's the first word to come to mind" frequently in Choke.

Essay Topic 2

Victor believes he is the second coming of Jesus Christ at one point in the novel.

a. Why does Victor believe this?

b. What is Victor's initial response to this?

c. What is his response after he's had time to think about it?

d. Why does his outlook change?

Essay Topic 3

Victor chokes on food to get the money he needs to keep his mother in a hospital.

a. Analyze the irony of Victor's choking.

b. Compare and contrast Victor's first experience...

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