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• A boy is introduced, and the narrator shows no respect for him.

• The boy chokes for the first time on a corn-dog and realizes "you have to risk your life to get love."

• The narrator goes to a sex addicts' meeting, but instead of attending the meeting he has sex with a prisoner he is supposed to be sponsoring.

• The narrator says that he goes to meetings not to recover but to learn new tricks and make connections.
• The narrator goes to St. Anthony's Hospital to see his mother.

• The narrator's name is revealed as Victor Mancini, but his mother rarely recognizes him.

• Before leaving the hospital, Victor meets Paige Marshall who tells him his mother needs a feeding tube if she is going to live.

• Victor works at a recreation of 18th century America.

• His best friend Denny works there as well, and he has been...

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