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Adeline Yen Mah
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who greets Adeline when she awakens?
(a) Niang.
(b) Nancy Chen and her mother.
(c) Aunt Baba.
(d) Father.

2. To whom will Big Sister be married?
(a) Someone from their church.
(b) Dr. Sung's son, Samuel.
(c) Dr. Lui, a business associate of her Father's.
(d) Niang's former math teacher.

3. What does Aunt Reine surprise the family with when she arrives?
(a) She cuts diamonds from her coat buttons.
(b) She is pregnant.
(c) She wants to adopt Adeline.
(d) She is moving in with them.

4. What fills Adeline with dread?
(a) The idea of marrying someone.
(b) That Big Sister might have children.
(c) The idea of being forced into an arranged marriage.
(d) That Big Sister will be leaving.

5. Where is Adeline dropped off?
(a) At an orphanage in Hong Kong.
(b) At an orphanage in Beijing.
(c) At St. Joseph's in Tianjin.
(d) At St. Joseph's in Shanghai.

6. What pact do Adeline and her two friends make to each other?
(a) That they will remain best friends forever.
(b) That they will escape to America together.
(c) That they will get away, stand on their own two feet and create their own destiny.
(d) That they will remain in Hong Kong forever.

7. What happens to the nicest gifts from Big Sister's wedding?
(a) Big Sister hides all of them at a friend's house.
(b) Niang keeps them for herself.
(c) They are donated to charity.
(d) They are sent back to Tianjin.

8. Which one of these things is NOT handed out to the class by Adeline's rival, Chen Lei-lei?
(a) Beef jerky.
(b) Pencils.
(c) Bookmarks.
(d) Dragon eyes.

9. How does the family decide which child will sleep on the cot?
(a) They let the oldest child, Victor, have it.
(b) They draw lots.
(c) They play rocks, paper, scissors.
(d) They give it to the boy, Victor.

10. How does the family get to the new house in Hong Kong?
(a) By Father's large black Cadillac.
(b) By walking.
(c) By taxi.
(d) By a rickshaw.

11. Who sleeps in the bed next to Adeline at her new location?
(a) Lei-lei.
(b) Wu Chen-mei.
(c) No one.
(d) Twins.

12. What does Adeline give Wu Chen-mei before she leaves?
(a) A poem.
(b) A hug.
(c) A small paper bird.
(d) Her phone number.

13. What does Ye Ye want from Adeline?
(a) A foot massage.
(b) To confront Niang about her cruelty.
(c) To grow up differently from Big Sister.
(d) To pay back the money he gave her.

14. Where does Father and Niang take Adeline?
(a) Shanghai.
(b) Hong Kong.
(c) Tianjin.
(d) Bejing.

15. What does Fourth Brother do while Adeline is stuck in her room?
(a) Taunts her outside her door.
(b) Feeds leftovers from his afternoon tea to Jackie.
(c) Laughs and eats her piece of cake as she watches.
(d) Slips her notes of encouragement under the door.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the 1200 students at Sacred Heart, how many are boarders?

2. Who nearly plays a trick on Ye Ye?

3. How much older is Big Sister's future husband than she?

4. How does Niang discover Adeline's lie?

5. What two things does Father forget about Adeline?

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