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Short Answer Questions

1. How long had Ed been away from China before he and MaMa were reunited in New York City?

2. Who is the author speaking or writing to in the beginning of "The Father from China"?

3. What metaphor does Tang use to compare his bandages hanging to dry?

4. What two actions result from the Scott Act of 1888?

5. How does the stranger respond to the children's mistake?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare and contrast the genre used for "On Discovery" and for "On Fathers."

2. Tell what the Four Valuable Things are and explain their importance to the Chinese culture.

3. Evaluate the methods Kingston uses to reveal the passage of time while Ah Goong is working in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

4. Describe the tenets of the philosophy of living multiple lives until you learn an important lesson.

5. Explain how prior knowledge or a similar experience can help a reader understand the events that occur in "On Fathers."

6. What is the purpose for making Tang Ao's capture so easy it could be done by women?

7. Describe the basis of the queue tax.

8. Explain the irony of Maui the Trickster' s demise in "On Mortality Again."

9. Describe the way the women pierce Tang Ao's ears and what they do to keep the holes open. Include examples of sensory details the author uses in the text.

10. At the end of the "The Laws," Kingston predicts that the 1980 census may show that a million or more ethnic Chinese will be living in the United States. Why does she have to predict the census numbers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Revisit the chapter "The Grandfather of the Sierra Nevada Mountains." Explain the concept of citizenship papers that many Chinese immigrants purchased to ensure their ability to stay in America. Explain the reasons for paper sons. Then tell how the San Francisco fire of 1906 allowed every China man to be reborn a citizen.

Essay Topic 2

Tell about the evolution of Kingston's Chinese family from one that practices solely Chinese customs to one practicing Americanized customs. For example, how many generations pass before Kingston's family evolves from adhering to arranged marriages to its first self-selected marriage. Discuss the reluctance of Kingston's Mother to let go of her Chinese traditions or superstitions. Describe the condition of the Chinese American in California with family still living in China.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the context in which Kingston addresses immortality in China Men. Do the Chinese men in China associate the Gold Mountain with immortality? Explain your answer in detail, citing quotes from specific chapters in China Men. Use other sources to find examples of man's search for or dream of achieving immortality. Are they consistent with Kingston's references in China Men?

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