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Short Answer Questions

1. What sight does the bird see that causes it to start laughing?

2. The seer does not disturb the spirits in the clouds in "On Mortality Again" __________________________.

3. In Honolulu, what does Kingston's friend, the dancer, report about Kingston's ancestral village?

4. What purpose does the mother character serve by entering the story at this point?

5. Which details from the text imply that Father is a successful business man?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe the process of footbinding and tell why the women sing to him when tightly bandaging his feet.

2. Describe the tenets of the philosophy of living multiple lives until you learn an important lesson.

3. Compare and contrast the genre used for "On Discovery" and for "On Fathers."

4. Explain how the author of "The Ghostmate" cues the reader that the main character represents any China Man in their youth.

5. What is the purpose for making Tang Ao's capture so easy it could be done by women?

6. Evaluate the methods Kingston uses to reveal the passage of time while Ah Goong is working in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

7. Explain the progression of laws that at first limited Chinese family members from entering the U.S. to the laws that allowed them entry whether the quota had been met or not.

8. Describe how the widow in "The Ghostmate" uses the young man's talents against him.

9. Why does Bak Goong have so much trouble staying quiet while working in the cane fields?

10. Explain the irony of Maui the Trickster' s demise in "On Mortality Again."

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the times in China Men when the characters sing. Singing appears in many of the Chinese traditions to which Kingston exposes her readers. Find references throughout the novel, and describe the singing experience of the characters. Then use the examples to draw conclusions about why singing is part of life for so many Chinese. Explain what purpose the singing serves in each example.

Essay Topic 2

Tell about the evolution of Kingston's Chinese family from one that practices solely Chinese customs to one practicing Americanized customs. For example, how many generations pass before Kingston's family evolves from adhering to arranged marriages to its first self-selected marriage. Discuss the reluctance of Kingston's Mother to let go of her Chinese traditions or superstitions. Describe the condition of the Chinese American in California with family still living in China.

Essay Topic 3

How do Chinese immigrants in California and in New York perceive the American demons? Describe why the Chinese call all other ethnic groups outside of China demons. Find examples in China Men to support the immigrants' perception as correct. Then compare and contrast the work ethic of both Americans and Chinese immigrants as illustrated in the novel China Men.

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