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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the basketmen stop working in autumn?

2. What do the two old women do to Tang Ao with the needles?

3. How are the two tales, "On Mortality" and "On Mortality Again" similar?

4. What is supposedly the cause of the "Mongolian spot" on some Chinese babies?

5. Why does the young man enter the house of the young widow?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the elements of fantasy Kingston uses to characterize Maui the Trickster in "On Mortality Again."

2. Explain the Fair Share Refugee Act of 1960.

3. How does Kingston employ humor in "On Mortality Again"?

4. Describe the way the women pierce Tang Ao's ears and what they do to keep the holes open. Include examples of sensory details the author uses in the text.

5. Describe the basis of the queue tax.

6. Describe how Kingston feels about her father from China. Use details from the text to support your conclusions.

7. Compare and contrast the tales that Kingston makes up about how her father gets to America.

8. Tell what the Four Valuable Things are and explain their importance to the Chinese culture.

9. At the end of the "The Laws," Kingston predicts that the 1980 census may show that a million or more ethnic Chinese will be living in the United States. Why does she have to predict the census numbers?

10. Describe grandmother's attitude toward grandfather, Ah Goong, citing examples from the chapter "The Grandfather of the Sierra Nevada Mountains."

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tell about the evolution of Kingston's Chinese family from one that practices solely Chinese customs to one practicing Americanized customs. For example, how many generations pass before Kingston's family evolves from adhering to arranged marriages to its first self-selected marriage. Discuss the reluctance of Kingston's Mother to let go of her Chinese traditions or superstitions. Describe the condition of the Chinese American in California with family still living in China.

Essay Topic 2

Kingston provides several examples of the use of the color red by Chinese. What does the color red symbolize for Chinese people? In what ways do Chinese people integrate the color red into their lives?

Essay Topic 3

Identify the folktales Kingston uses throughout China Men. For each one, describe how it is used to move along the plot in Kingston's novel. Study the Table of Contents to see where and how often the alternative genre is used. Do the tales foreshadow upcoming events? Do the fantasy stories serve to illustrate key points the author is trying to convey? Display your responses in a creative way that connects the ideas and patterns you discovered.

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