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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Maui capable of dying when other gods are immortal?
(a) Maui can be reincarnated as many times as he wants.
(b) Maui is only a demigod, or partially mortal, in the Polynesian culture.
(c) Maui is a human with superhuman powers.
(d) Maui is vulnerable to disgrace and embarrassment among other living creatures on Earth.

2. What are the "Jesus demons" trying to do when they visit the work camp where Bak Goong lives?
(a) trying to baptize the Chinese workers
(b) trying to lure them to work at their farm
(c) trying to convert the Chinese to Christianity
(d) trying to cast demons from the Chinese workers

3. Where does Hina of the night sleep?
(a) high in the treetops
(b) in the forest
(c) on a far away island
(d) deep in the ocean

4. What reason is given for torturing Tang Ao?
(a) to teach him a lesson about respecting women
(b) to punish him for coming to the Land of Women
(c) to make him look like a woman
(d) to prepare Tang to meet the queen

5. How do the women manage to capture Tang Ao?
(a) The women use weapons to make him come along.
(b) The women tackle him and tie his hands together.
(c) The women kneeled to take off his shoes.
(d) Tang Ao is not on guard against ladies.

6. Which of the following is an example of figurative language?
(a) We jumped off the fence.
(b) His good leather shoes with the wingtips
(c) He took our hands out of his pockets.
(d) man wears our father's two-hundred dollar suit.

7. How many years, according to Ah Goong, does it take to complete the railroad?
(a) two years
(b) six years
(c) twenty years
(d) ten years

8. What is supposedly the cause of the "Mongolian spot" on some Chinese babies?
(a) The Mongolian spot is the mark of an immortal.
(b) The Mongolian spot is a bruise left by the doctor during birth of Chinese babies.
(c) The Mongolian spot indicates the child has a disease.
(d) Tu Tzu-chun is kicked in the rear to get him through the birth canal.

9. What does the monk say Tu Tzu-chun has to do to repay him the third time?
(a) spend his fortune on others
(b) work for him on an important difficult task
(c) spend another fortune
(d) murder his wife

10. Where do Ed and MaMa go after Ed is ousted from the laundry business?
(a) to California
(b) to the movies
(c) to Long Island
(d) to Alaska

11. When does the story of Tu-Tzu-chin take place?
(a) middle of the 19th century
(b) middle of the 1st century
(c) middle of the 16th century
(d) modern times

12. What signed document states that Chinese and Americans could freely travel, trade, and live in either country?
(a) the Fourteenth Amendment
(b) the Nationality Act
(c) the Burlingame Treaty
(d) the queue tax

13. Which best describes the setting of "On Fathers"?
(a) a street in Stockton, CA
(b) the author's yard
(c) a farm in rural area
(d) downtown

14. In Honolulu, what does Kingston's friend, the dancer, report about Kingston's ancestral village?
(a) the people are housed and fed
(b) family members had been forced out to build apartments
(c) the people in the village are ignorant and lazy
(d) the people greeted her with a parade

15. Why do the basketmen stop working in autumn?
(a) The winds are too high to work at high elevation
(b) Men do not have the right clothes
(c) The season is a Chinese holiday
(d) The baskets would fall apart because of age

Short Answer Questions

1. Which best describes the author when she sends money to her cousin in China?

2. Why would the woman in "The Ghostmate" ask the young man to make her shoes?

3. Who is Chan Moong Gut in "The Great Grandfather of the Sandalwood Mountains"?

4. What does Ah Goong, BaBa's father, do with BaBa that horrifies the family?

5. What is the consequence of Tu Tzu-chun failing the monk's test?

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