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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hundred-Year-Old Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How might Kingston's father's life have been different had he passed the Imperial Examinations with honors?
(a) Kingston's father may have traveled the world in luxury.
(b) Kingston's father may have married an American woman.
(c) Kingston's father may not have come to Gold Mountain.
(d) Kingston's father may not have had to work a single day in his life.

2. What do people in Alaska do to track events in their lives and their community?
(a) produce a weekly newspaper
(b) hire a town crier
(c) write in diaries
(d) post bulletins around towns

3. Which character from Kingston's folktales in China Men suffers the most?
(a) Bak Goong the great grandfather
(b) Tu Tzu-chun
(c) The young man
(d) Maui the trickster in

4. Which of the following is an example of figurative language?
(a) We jumped off the fence.
(b) man wears our father's two-hundred dollar suit.
(c) His good leather shoes with the wingtips
(d) He took our hands out of his pockets.

5. How do readers know that the Hundred-Year-Old Man took a job in Hawai'i that paid for passage and offered steady pay, just the same as Kingston's great grandfather?
(a) The old man has only left the island two times in his life to go to other Hawai'ian Islands, same as great grandfather who decides to remain in Hawai'i and not return to China.
(b) The details of the old man's experiences with working to clear land, going to town on pay day, and how he spent his money are the same as in the story told about Kingston's great grandfather.
(c) The old man sees the King and Prince of the Hawai'ian Islands who offer him work, just as in the great grandfather's story.
(d) Both the Hundred-Year-Old Man and great grandfather enjoyed watching the small sugarcane plants grow, therefore the two men must have worked at the same time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens in Hawaii that prevents the Hundred-Year-Old Man from going to town in 1893?

2. Who is Tu Tzu-chun's examiner?

3. What does Kingston notice about the Wild Man as shown in the photos of his capture appearing in the newspaper?

4. How does the woman in "The Ghostmate" get her visitors to stay longer than they intend to?

5. Which is the setting for Kingston's biography of great grandfather Bak Goong in "The Great Grandfather of Sandalwood Mountains"?

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