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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Grandfather of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the two old women do to Tang Ao with the needles?
(a) pierce Tang's tongue
(b) pin Tang's ears to his head
(c) sew Tang's lips shut
(d) pierce Tang's ears

2. What metaphor does Tang use to compare his bandages hanging to dry?
(a) streamers that drooped and draped wall to wall
(b) like underwear
(c) gathered his toes over and under another
(d) like a moth's wings

3. What finally makes Tu Tzu-chun break his silence?
(a) The pain Tu Tzu-chun feels when he's being tortured.
(b) Tu speaks for the first time.
(c) Tu sees her baby's head smashed against the rocks.
(d) Tu Tzu-chun screamed when he heard his wife's bones being broken.

4. How many years, according to Ah Goong, does it take to complete the railroad?
(a) twenty years
(b) six years
(c) ten years
(d) two years

5. How might Kingston's father's life have been different had he passed the Imperial Examinations with honors?
(a) Kingston's father may have traveled the world in luxury.
(b) Kingston's father may not have had to work a single day in his life.
(c) Kingston's father may not have come to Gold Mountain.
(d) Kingston's father may have married an American woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the "Jesus demons" trying to do when they visit the work camp where Bak Goong lives?

2. Who is the narrator in this chapter?

3. How are the two tales, "On Mortality" and "On Mortality Again" similar?

4. Why would the woman in "The Ghostmate" ask the young man to make her shoes?

5. How many days does the China Men's strike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains last before a compromise is made with the Central Pacific Railroad?

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