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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Great Grandfather of the Sandalwood Mountains.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ah Po show BaBa's brothers to explain that he is different from them?
(a) BaBa's skinny, frail body had hands made for holding pens.
(b) BaBa's head was shaped differently than theirs.
(c) BaBa was the largest boy born so far in the family.
(d) BaBa's hair was a different color than theirs.

2. Which of the following from "The Ghostmate" shows that the young man is feeling guilty about not returning to his family?
(a) His wife would enjoy hearing about his lucky night.
(b) Instead he feeds like a zoo animal.
(c) The young husband should have hinted for some leftovers to bring home.
(d) He asks, "Do you live alone?"

3. What indicates to the young man in "The Ghostmate" that the woman is "old style"?
(a) he does not like the clothing she left him
(b) the food is just the right temperature
(c) long combs and traditional eye make-up
(d) she serves him a meal

4. Which best describes the setting of "On Fathers"?
(a) the author's yard
(b) a farm in rural area
(c) a street in Stockton, CA
(d) downtown

5. Which of the following is an example of a simile used in "The Ghostmate"?
(a) The orange of the firelight suffuses the prorcelain.
(b) He gorges; he indulges his appetite.
(c) Steam rises as if a mirage of food floated on the table.
(d) The bowls of soup are bottomless.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the simile "like a knot of ginger root" referring to?

2. What part of Tang Ao's wardrobe is shaped like a bridge?

3. How does the wife that great grandfather Bak Sook Goong takes back to China affect Kingston's heritage?

4. How does Kingston show that the main character is enjoying his feast with the woman of the house in "The Ghostmate"?

5. To what does the narrator in "The Ghostmate" compare the woman's hair?

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