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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of building houses the school?
(a) Abandoned schoolhouse.
(b) Townhouse in the city.
(c) Warehouse.
(d) Converted farmhouse.

2. In what state does the action in THE CRUCIBLE take place?
(a) Vermont.
(b) Maine.
(c) Massachusetts.
(d) New Hampshire.

3. Mrs. Tilford's demeanor can be characterized as ______________.
(a) pleasant.
(b) vindictive.
(c) depressed.
(d) impatient.

4. What does Mary symbolize in the play?
(a) Love.
(b) Betrayal.
(c) Innocence.
(d) Evil.

5. What have the girls heard coming from the bedroom door?
(a) A TV.
(b) Unusual noises.
(c) An alarm clock.
(d) Music.

6. Which of the girls is reciting Shakespeare to Mrs. Mortar?
(a) Debbie.
(b) Meggie.
(c) Marcy.
(d) Peggy.

7. What is the age range of the girls in the opening act?
(a) 10-15.
(b) 16-18.
(c) 9-16.
(d) 12-14.

8. What seems to be the source of Mary's behavioral problems?
(a) Abusive upbringing.
(b) Schizophrenia.
(c) Abandonment.
(d) Inner turmoil.

9. What is a possible source of Mary's behavioral problems?
(a) Abused as a child.
(b) Alcohol abuse.
(c) Emotional disturbance.
(d) Drugs.

10. Why does Agatha question Mary?
(a) Her arrival is unexpected.
(b) Her shoes are muddy.
(c) Her clothes are all wet.
(d) She doesn't have any luggage.

11. How have the witnesses viewed the inappropriate behavior?
(a) With a telescope.
(b) Through an open window.
(c) Through a crack in a door.
(d) Through a keyhole.

12. Who does Mary coerce for money?
(a) Meggie.
(b) Janie.
(c) Mary Ann.
(d) Peggy.

13. Who is one of the women who founded the school?
(a) Martha Dobie.
(b) Martha Wilson.
(c) Martha Vineyard.
(d) Martha Washington.

14. How does Dr. Cardin respond to Martha's request that he speak to Mrs. Tilford?
(a) He agrees to do it.
(b) He refuses.
(c) He resists.
(d) He agrees to think about it.

15. What is the vow made by the student?
(a) Run away with her boyfriend.
(b) Cut off all her hair.
(c) Marry the next boy she meets.
(d) Leave the school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mary claim to have mistreated her?

2. What does Dr. Cardin state about Mary's health?

3. How is Mrs. Mortar related to Martha?

4. How many acts are in THE CHILDREN'S HOUR?

5. What does Mrs. Tilford declare about Mary?

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