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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Karen reluctantly agree to allow in the house?
(a) Mrs. Tilford.
(b) Dr. Cardin.
(c) Peggy.
(d) Mr. Tilford.

2. Mrs. Tilford's demeanor can be characterized as ______________.
(a) vindictive.
(b) depressed.
(c) pleasant.
(d) impatient.

3. What does Karen realize when Dr. Cardin says he really wants to ask the question about her relationship with Martha?
(a) She can't marry him.
(b) She loves him even more.
(c) She thinks he is incredibly rude.
(d) She would want to ask if she were him.

4. What does Dr. Cardin plan for Martha?
(a) Take her to Vienna with Karen and him.
(b) Get her established at Harvard.
(c) Send her to London with Mrs. Mortar.
(d) Send her on a worldwide cruise.

5. What concluded ten days ago?
(a) Final exams.
(b) A libel trial.
(c) An FBI investigation.
(d) The school year.

Short Answer Questions

1. Karen and Martha find it hard to ______________________.

2. What is the vow made by the student?

3. Why does Mary blackmail Rosalie?

4. How have the witnesses viewed the inappropriate behavior?

5. In what state does the action in THE CRUCIBLE take place?

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