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Objective: His Narrative - In this section, the male narrator reveals the setting, purpose, and feelings towards his voyage. He also delves deep into memory and emotion as he mixes present, past, and future in a tone of deep longing and sadness. This lesson will discuss the nature of the narrator's journey along with his past.

1) 1.) Group or partner discussion: Get into small groups. Discuss what is revealed about the narrator in this short section. Where is he? Who is the narrative addressed to? What do we know about the narrator's past? Gather as many details as you can.

2.) As a class, write the facts on the board under the headings "past," "present," and "future." Include details.

3.) Class Discussion: Discuss the details the groups have gathered. What do we know about the narrator from this section alone? What makes the narrative seem sad? Why not hopeful? Where...

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