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His Narrative

• Male Narrator is on a small boat leaving Haiti

• He reminisces about love for his girlfriend left behind in Haiti.

• He is afraid he will start having nightmares.

• He asks his love not to marry a soldier because they are almost not human.

• There is a pregnant girl named Celianne on board. Her face is covered with razor scars.

• The male narrator is glad there are no children on the boat.

• He remembers that Miami is sunny and it doesn't snow there.

• The male narrator writes that he is becoming more comfortable with the idea of death.

• He hopes the radio show he was a part of will continue.

• Many people on the boat are Protestant; they compare their experience to the Bible.

• The male narrator describes a man on the boat who was returned to Haiti.

• He now has papers and a broken leg to...

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