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Mark Medoff
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sarah's response when James asks her why she doesn't like the music he is playing?
(a) Too slow.
(b) Too still.
(c) Too fast.
(d) Organ music.

2. James says that if Sarah feels she's not strong enough to juggle both worlds, then _________.
(a) She can just give up.
(b) He is.
(c) Then she doesn't have to.
(d) It's okay too.

3. Who usually plays cards with James on a weekly basis, and now that Sarah has learned, she can join in?
(a) The students.
(b) The faculty.
(c) The maids.
(d) The interns.

4. James is the only one to answer the _____________ as he is the only one who hears it.
(a) Neighbor's calls.
(b) Door.
(c) Telephone.
(d) Radio question.

5. Sarah moves out of the conversation as ___________ begins to speak for her.
(a) Klein.
(b) Mr. Franklin.
(c) James.
(d) Orin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Orin says that Sarah would be an asset because she is deaf, __________ deaf.

2. Orin points out that the speech that Klein has written for Sarah is what all ______________ say.

3. How does Sarah do during her first game of cards with the rest of the group?

4. What else is sounding in the house which is only heard by James as the others are deaf or hearing impaired?

5. Sarah realizes that __________ doesn't want her to be a hearing person as this person needs a pure deaf person.

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