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Mark Medoff
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. James lets Orin know that Sarah ____________ as she repeats to him several times.
(a) Doesn't want to see him.
(b) Wants him to drop dead.
(c) Wants to marry him.
(d) Hates him.

2. The lawyer thinks that ___________ are certainly open to question at the school, so their complaint might be valid.
(a) Teachers.
(b) Guidelines.
(c) Hiring practices.
(d) Philosophies.

3. Orin pokes fun at Sarah, saying that she is a regular American _________ now that she's married James.
(a) Hearing person.
(b) Stereotype.
(c) Housewife.
(d) Stepford wife.

4. What kind of game is being played at the party which opens the second act of the play?
(a) Blackjack.
(b) Rummy.
(c) Bridge.
(d) Poker.

5. Sarah decides that she wants to make her own ___________ instead of using the one from Klein.
(a) Speech.
(b) Book.
(c) List of questions.
(d) Complaint.

6. When Sarah sees people _____________, she can feel even more from the music.
(a) Talking.
(b) Singing.
(c) Fighting.
(d) Dancing.

7. Sarah notes that neither Orin nor James has any right to _____________ from anyone.
(a) Listen to advice.
(b) Take advice.
(c) Protect her.
(d) Take away rights.

8. How does Sarah do during her first game of cards with the rest of the group?
(a) She holds her own.
(b) She loses.
(c) She gets frustrated and leaves.
(d) She wins her first game.

9. What does James decide to listen to in order to calm his nerves after the phone call?
(a) Pachabel.
(b) Brahms.
(c) Beethoven.
(d) Bach.

10. What is the next topic of discussion between Sarah and James which begins to make her more upset?
(a) A baby.
(b) Writing.
(c) Reading.
(d) Speaking.

11. What is Sarah's response to the idea of Orin filing a claim and starting a legal process?
(a) She is upset.
(b) She is excited.
(c) She is happy.
(d) She is nervous about it.

12. James realizes he can't enjoy the __________ because Sarah can't.
(a) Music.
(b) Television.
(c) House.
(d) Quiet.

13. Sarah points out to the lawyer that she is not ___________ being deaf.
(a) Used to.
(b) Sad.
(c) Unhappy.
(d) Happy.

14. Sarah tells James she is feeling caught between the ________ and the deaf world.
(a) School.
(b) Hearing.
(c) Faculty.
(d) Marriage.

15. Who does Orin want to file a claim against according to his lawsuit aspirations?
(a) The school.
(b) James, specifically.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Mr. Franklin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Orin and Sarah were told that organ music was the voice of God and it should __________ them.

2. Orin taunts Sarah, saying that she has a full time interpreter, just like a United Nations _____________.

3. What is Orin called James on the phone that James points out to the audience without signing it for Sarah?

4. James tells Sarah that she just can't start a _________ in the living room and then go to bed.

5. Orin tells Sarah that he wants her ____________ as the complaint begins.

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