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Mark Medoff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orin points out that the school is supposed to exist for the ___________ of its students.
(a) Benefit.
(b) Education.
(c) Leadership.
(d) Advancement.

2. Sarah realizes that __________ doesn't want her to be a hearing person as this person needs a pure deaf person.
(a) Klein.
(b) Orin.
(c) James.
(d) Lydia.

3. What is James trying to do when he runs into Mr. Franklin after fighting with Sarah?
(a) Run away from her.
(b) Teach another student.
(c) Write his resignation letter.
(d) Chase after her.

4. Sarah's mother does challenge _____________ to help Sarah find an alternative job, however.
(a) Lydia.
(b) James.
(c) Sarah's father.
(d) Orin.

5. Sarah wants to continue to _____________, so she does not want to leave.
(a) Write.
(b) Be a maid.
(c) Learn to speak.
(d) Go to school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Is Orin successful in his attempts to make the sound that is difficult for him?

2. What did James' mother say to him when he said that he didn't want to listen to her anymore - "James can't save me; he never could. ________."

3. James stops the argument between Orin and Sarah, saying he has been cast in the role of Sarah's __________.

4. What does Orin do after accusing James of having ulterior motives for being a therapist?

5. Sarah does think that she and James should ______________ so that he can continue to teach.

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