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Mark Medoff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does James realize he hasn't turned on since he and Sarah have been married?
(a) The keyboard.
(b) The clock.
(c) The radio.
(d) The stove.

2. Who does James decide to talk to in order to get to know Sarah more?
(a) Mr. Franklin.
(b) Mrs. Norman.
(c) Orin.
(d) Mrs. Austin.

3. Who enters the classroom near the end of James' teaching time with his class?
(a) Mrs. Norman.
(b) Mrs. Austin.
(c) Mr. Franklin.
(d) Mr. Smith.

4. Orin taunts Sarah for turning her back on the _____________.
(a) Deaf community.
(b) Teachers.
(c) Students.
(d) Men in her class.

5. What does Klein finally say that she should be doing as the others are talking?
(a) Taking notes.
(b) Leaving.
(c) Video taping.
(d) Listening.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sarah tells James that she used to ____________ with boys when she was younger in order to feel better.

2. Orin tells Sarah about the _________ he has hired about a claim he wants to make.

3. __________ has found out about James' date with Sarah and is not happy with this development.

4. Who has to translate the phone call so that Sarah can talk on the phone as well?

5. Who did Sarah have a relationship with before starting her relationship with James?

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