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Mark Medoff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What specifically does Sarah make fun of when she is making fun of the group in #44?
(a) The fact she is miserable.
(b) The way they push her to be more than she is.
(c) The way they try to speak.
(d) The way they try to make jokes.

2. What didn't the Justice of the Peace do during the ceremony performed for James and Sarah?
(a) Lip read.
(b) Sign.
(c) Make it official.
(d) Speak.

3. Mrs. Norman reveals that Sarah used to ___________, but stopped after a while.
(a) Hear.
(b) Listen.
(c) Speak.
(d) Want to teach.

4. Sarah and James make a pact: "Let no one, living or dead, absent or present, ever _____________."
(a) Come between us.
(b) Hurt us again.
(c) Stop us.
(d) Influence us.

5. Sarah says that ___________ is falling in love with James, which makes her confused.
(a) She.
(b) Lydia.
(c) Orin.
(d) Nancy.

Short Answer Questions

1. The lead actress, Sarah Norman, is ___________, according to the character description.

2. Through dancing together, James and Sarah are able to connect on a ___________ level.

3. What does James do after trying to calm Sarah down when she flies into a rage?

4. Mrs. Norman accuses James of trying to force Sarah to __________ and lip read so she can pass for hearing.

5. James finds it difficult to understand Sarah's ___________________ when they are talking.

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