Daily Lessons for Teaching Children of a Lesser God

Mark Medoff
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Objective: The play actually begins at a later point in the play, which might be confusing to some viewers as well as to some readers. Today's objective is to discuss why so many stories might begin at the end or at a later point.

1. Have each student discuss whether they think a play should be confusing to follow. Why or why not?

2. In smaller groups, have students discuss whether they found the change in the timeline confusing. Why or why not?

3. As a class, have the students discuss the possible benefits of starting a story in the middle or at the end of the plot. What are the disadvantages to writing or presenting a story in this manner?

4. Homework: Have students decide whether they think they could tell their life story out of order. Why or why not?

5. Homework: Have students discuss why it's important to keep...

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