Children of a Lesser God Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mark Medoff
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Act 1

• Sarah is signing to James that without him she has nothing, but she doesn't need him.

• Orin comes into the room to talk with James.

• Mr. Franklin says that James should be Sarah's speech teacher.

• James talks to Sarah's mother at her home.

• Mrs. Norman mocks James for trying to help Sarah pass for normal.

• Sarah and James have troubles communicating.

• James asks Sarah on a date.

• Sarah and James dance, though she keeps her distance from him.

• James and Orin have a heated discussion.

• James kisses Sarah and then is reprimanded by Mr. Franklin.

• Sarah reveals she used to have sex with boys when she was younger to prove she could.

• James asks Sarah to marry him and to leave the school with him.

• Sarah agrees to marry him, but wants to stay at the school.

Act 2

• Sarah and others are at a bridge party and...

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