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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who communicates by ansible with Miro to update him on Jane's status?
(a) Human.
(b) Ender.
(c) The Hive Queen.
(d) Olhado.

2. Jane admits that she used to look down on human's ability to do only one thing at a time. What has she realized since taking a human body about this?
(a) Humans have the same multi-tasking abilities as robots.
(b) Humans are just as slow and single-minded as she thought.
(c) Humans are much smarter than computers.
(d) Humans constantly handle internal process with conflicting emotions.

3. Why does Jane say it is good Miro is not completely like Ender?
(a) She thinks of Ender like a son and loves Miro like a lover.
(b) Ender is not enough of a man for her.
(c) She never loved Ender.
(d) She thinks of Ender as a father figure and likes Miro's touch.

4. What happens to Ender's bodies as Ender's and Jane's aiuas wrangle for control?
(a) They begin to grow much stronger.
(b) They begin to lose strength.
(c) They argue amongst themselves.
(d) They are thrown into convulsions.

5. How many years has it taken to undo the damage from the destruction of the buggers' home planet?
(a) 130 years.
(b) 10 years.
(c) 40,000 years.
(d) 3,000 years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Novinha in "This Has Always Been Your Body"?

2. When Peter awakens on the beach in "You Called Me Back from Darkness," who is next to him?

3. Who makes a joke, saying he cannot determine whether the fact that Jane inhabited Peter makes him holy or the fact that she left him makes Peter unholy?

4. How does Plikt feel regarding the death of Ender?

5. Why is Admiral Lands uncomfortable with the role of commanding the deployment of the M.D. device?

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