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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Jane and Miro wonder if they are betraying Ender in "Am I Betraying Ender"?
(a) Because they are happy and kissing hours after his death.
(b) Because they have changed his plan for the universe.
(c) Because they did not scatter his ashes,
(d) Because he never wanted them to be happy together.

2. After Peter and Wang-mu successfully disarm both the M.D. device and Admiral Lands, where does Jane transport them?
(a) To the Starways Congress.
(b) To Divine Wood.
(c) To Lusitania.
(d) To Miro's starship.

3. Who makes a joke, saying he cannot determine whether the fact that Jane inhabited Peter makes him holy or the fact that she left him makes Peter unholy?
(a) Peter.
(b) Ender.
(c) Malu.
(d) Miro.

4. Who does Jane forgive for speaking brutally to Young Val?
(a) Old Val.
(b) Peter.
(c) Malu.
(d) Miro.

5. After Jane leaves Ender's body where does she go?
(a) To Path.
(b) To Pacifica.
(c) Back to Lusitania.
(d) Into the Pequinino network.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane admits that she used to look down on human's ability to do only one thing at a time. What has she realized since taking a human body about this?

2. What type of relationship do the Hive Queen and Jane settle into after Jane is in Val's body?

3. Who uses the example of Ender killing two boys in Battle School to support their argument?

4. Why are the networks among the Hive Queens familiar to Jane?

5. What is Quara's brother's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jane returns to her now body to begin her existence as Val, what happens to her aiua and to Val's aiua?

2. What false disclosure does Quara make to Wang-mu, and what conclusion does Wang-mu come to about her lies?

3. What is on the latest molecular blueprint that Quara receives from the descoladore planet and what does she suggest the implication is?

4. Describe what Jane says after she tells Miro that he reminds her of Ender.

5. When Yasujiro Tsutsumi asks whether Hikari expects him to bribe the politicians to stop the fleet, how does Hikari respond?

6. Describe how Peter responds to waking on the beach with Wang-mu curled in beside him.

7. What experience does Jane have for the first time in her 3,000 year existence in response to Quara, and what realization does she come to because of this?

8. Who is visiting Yasujiro Tsutsumi when Aimaina Hikari arrives, and how does Yasujiro Tsutsumi respond to Hikari's arrival?

9. Aboard Milo's starship, how does Quara act toward everyone and specifically towards Jane?

10. Describe what Peter says that Admiral Lands should include in the report about the Little Doctor and their mission.

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