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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After sending a test ship "Outside," what does Jane do?
(a) She brings Miro's ship back to Lusitania.
(b) She sends herself outside to meet her body.
(c) She watches her physical body disintegrate.
(d) She passes out and loses her technical ability.

2. When Peter awakens on the beach in "You Called Me Back from Darkness," how does his persona change?
(a) He feels much less like himself.
(b) He is able to control his sarcasm and feels whole.
(c) He feels older than before.
(d) He feels as if he has no memories.

3. Who does Admiral Lands arrest after he receives the stop command from the Starways Congress?
(a) Miro.
(b) Yasujiro Tsutsumi.
(c) Causo.
(d) Peter.

4. How many years has it taken to undo the damage from the destruction of the buggers' home planet?
(a) 130 years.
(b) 40,000 years.
(c) 3,000 years.
(d) 10 years.

5. When Jane returns to her new body to begin her existence as Val, her aiua is so vibrant that it also entwines with something else? What is this other object?
(a) The Hive Queen and pequenino's philotic web.
(b) The Starways Congress.
(c) The mothertrees.
(d) Ender's third body.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leads Ender into Peter's body?

2. Which of the following is not a way that Plikt realizes Ender will be remembered.

3. Why does Miro state that is would be a shame if Ender came through the transformation exactly as he was before?

4. What does Olhado give Plower?

5. What happens when Jane first leaps into Young Val's body?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Peter responds to waking on the beach with Wang-mu curled in beside him.

2. What experience does Jane have for the first time in her 3,000 year existence in response to Quara, and what realization does she come to because of this?

3. Who is concerned that they might be betraying Ender in "Am I Betraying Ender" and why?

4. Who is visiting Yasujiro Tsutsumi when Aimaina Hikari arrives, and how does Yasujiro Tsutsumi respond to Hikari's arrival?

5. Describe what Peter says that Admiral Lands should include in the report about the Little Doctor and their mission.

6. What do Peter and Wang-mu see in a very old building at the university on Pacifica and what is the significance of the contents?

7. What false disclosure does Quara make to Wang-mu, and what conclusion does Wang-mu come to about her lies?

8. How did Quara react to Peter giving the Little Doctor back, and why is Peter surprised by her reaction?

9. When Jane moves the starship for the first time after making her way back onto the computer network, how do Peter and Wang-mu both respond?

10. What delicate and subtle presence does Jane encounter after exploring the networks of the Hive Queens, and how does the interaction between Jane and this presence play out?

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