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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Plikt say is the most important thing to remember about Ender, above all else?
(a) His role as Speaker for the Dead.
(b) His greatness as a follower.
(c) His justice and mercy.
(d) His strength and stubborness.

2. What happens when the Hive workers give Jane a sign aboard Miro's starship?
(a) Jane attacks the Hive workers.
(b) Jane immediatley moves back onto the computer network.
(c) Jane becomes angry.
(d) Jane collapses, unconscious.

3. Why does Jane regret using force on Quara after shoving her?
(a) She does not regret using force.
(b) She thinks that violence will cause eternal damnation.
(c) She realizes after she marries Miro, Quara will be her sister.
(d) Quara is not healthy and Jane thinks she might have killed her.

4. How does Aimaina Hikari respond when Yasujiro Tsutsumi asks if he is supposed to bribe the politicians to stop the fleet?
(a) Aimaina Hikari says there are a thousand legal ways to influence their votes.
(b) Aimaina Hikari says that bribery will not be enough.
(c) Aimaina Hikari says to go ahead and bribe them.
(d) Aimaina Hikari says if they don't agree to kill them.

5. What happens when Jane first leaps into Young Val's body?
(a) Ender unable to let go and Jane spins thought the body.
(b) Ender invites Jane in.
(c) She gets a successful reception.
(d) Young Val becomes much weaker.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Peter regains consciousness after Ender is transferred into his body, what does he do?

2. After the M.D. device is detected, why won't Jane push it outside?

3. What does Jane suggest is the symbol to mark the occasion of her and Miro's engagement?

4. Who communicates by ansible with Miro to update him on Jane's status?

5. After the M.D. device is deactivated, what happens when Admiral Lands bumps into the Little Doctor?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Jane says after she tells Miro that he reminds her of Ender.

2. What experience does Jane have for the first time in her 3,000 year existence in response to Quara, and what realization does she come to because of this?

3. Who is visiting Yasujiro Tsutsumi when Aimaina Hikari arrives, and how does Yasujiro Tsutsumi respond to Hikari's arrival?

4. Describe how Jane transports Peter and Wang-mu aboard the Starways Congress starship and where they land on the ship.

5. What is Admiral Bobby Lands plan for the detonation of the M.D. Device before Peter and Wang-mu arrive?

6. Describe how Peter responds to waking on the beach with Wang-mu curled in beside him.

7. How did Quara react to Peter giving the Little Doctor back, and why is Peter surprised by her reaction?

8. What do Peter and Wang-mu see in a very old building at the university on Pacifica and what is the significance of the contents?

9. Describe Novinha's words to Ender when she releases him.

10. When Jane returns to her now body to begin her existence as Val, what happens to her aiua and to Val's aiua?

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