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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Wang-mu calls Peter back when his aiua starts drifting away, who serves the two of them dinner?
(a) The mothertrees.
(b) Yasujiro Tsutsumi.
(c) The Samoans.
(d) The pequeninos.

2. On what planet are Peter and Wang-mu invited to witness the restart of the "godproof computer network"?
(a) Path.
(b) Divine Wind.
(c) Pacifica.
(d) Descolada.

3. What happens when Peter tries to disarm Admiral Lands of his pistol?
(a) Peter is successful but breaks Admiral Lands's leg.
(b) Peter is unsuccessful and breaks Admiral Lands's fingers.
(c) Peter is successful but breaks Admiral Lands's fingers.
(d) Peter is unsuccessful and breaks Admiral Lands's leg.

4. What type of relationship do the Hive Queen and Jane settle into after Jane is in Val's body?
(a) A friend to friend relationship.
(b) No relationship at all.
(c) A mother-daughter relationship.
(d) A sibling relationship.

5. What will happen if Yasujiro Tsutsumi's request to stop the fleet is rejected?
(a) He will be responsible for conducting his own fleet.
(b) He will be promoted.
(c) He will be relocated to Lusitania.
(d) He will be considered disloyal.

6. Once Jane returns to the computer network, what does she realize about human existence?
(a) It is very much overrated.
(b) She has fewer problems as a human.
(c) It is the only way of being that will satisfy her desire to live.
(d) She prefers her network existence.

7. What does Olhado give Plower?
(a) Fish for the next month.
(b) A hug.
(c) Fruit from the mothertree.
(d) A gift of song.

8. Hikari tells Yasujiro Tsutsumi that he is upset with all their people since they have forgotten the lesson of history? What is this lesson?
(a) Not to make war.
(b) Not to build too tall of buildings.
(c) Not to fall in love.
(d) Not to go into debt.

9. Which of the following statements describes Ender's death?
(a) His death is painful.
(b) During his death, his body disintegrates.
(c) His death is filled with song.
(d) During his death, there is much violence.

10. After the M.D. device is detected, why won't Jane push it outside?
(a) She is too weak.
(b) She wants the M.D. device to detonate.
(c) If it detonates "outside" it could cause irreparable harm to their dimension.
(d) She is too busy moving people off of Lusitania.

11. What quality does Jane possess that makes her more than human after she enters Val's body?
(a) She has the ability to recover from defeat and injury more quickly.
(b) She can access all the ansible communication in the universe.
(c) She has a photographic memory.
(d) She doesn't have real feelings.

12. Why does Miro think that Quara is as contrary as she is?
(a) She is infected by an evil spirit.
(b) She was always spoiled as a child by Marcao.
(c) She has a personality disorder.
(d) She had to put up with Marcao's rage growing up.

13. Who says "the god has moved her starship!" after Jane moves Miro's ship?
(a) Jane.
(b) Malu.
(c) Miro.
(d) Wang-mu

14. What false disclosure does Quara make to Wang-mu aboard Miro's craft?
(a) She says that she has had an abortion.
(b) She says she is in love with Peter.
(c) She says she has five children.
(d) She says she was molested by her brother.

15. How many years has it taken to undo the damage from the destruction of the buggers' home planet?
(a) 40,000 years.
(b) 10 years.
(c) 130 years.
(d) 3,000 years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane notes that it is easier for her to transport Wang-mu when she moves her and Peter back to Lusitania. Why?

2. What happens to Ender's bodies as Ender's and Jane's aiuas wrangle for control?

3. When Jane returns to her new body to begin her existence as Val, her aiua is so vibrant that it also entwines with something else? What is this other object?

4. Who says "till death ends all surprises."

5. After the M.D. device is deactivated, what happens when Admiral Lands bumps into the Little Doctor?

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