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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Young Val when Jane takes over her body?
(a) Young Val creates a new body for herself.
(b) Young Val dies.
(c) Young Val's aiua becomes entertwined with Jane.
(d) Young Val's aiua passes into Peter.

2. Which of the following statements describes Ender's death?
(a) His death is painful.
(b) During his death, there is much violence.
(c) His death is filled with song.
(d) During his death, his body disintegrates.

3. Who does Jane forgive for speaking brutally to Young Val?
(a) Malu.
(b) Miro.
(c) Peter.
(d) Old Val.

4. What is the name of the influential businessmen who visit Yasujiro Tsutsumi?
(a) Malulen.
(b) Shigeru.
(c) Quara.
(d) Hikari.

5. When Peter regains consciousness after Ender is transferred into his body, what does he do?
(a) Touches Wang-mu's face.
(b) Begins sobbing.
(c) Peter no longer exists.
(d) Starts laughing uncontrollably.

6. After sending a test ship "Outside," what does Jane do?
(a) She brings Miro's ship back to Lusitania.
(b) She sends herself outside to meet her body.
(c) She watches her physical body disintegrate.
(d) She passes out and loses her technical ability.

7. Why do Human and the Hive Queen comment that the mothertrees can only be a temporary home for Jane?
(a) The mothertrees are too strong for Jane to enjoy them for long.
(b) If Jane stays too long she will destroy the mothertrees.
(c) Jane needs a real body and not a tree persona.
(d) Jane will get bored too fast.

8. Aboard Milo's starship what path does Quara suggest they take when she says they are proceeding along the wrong one?
(a) She says they should examine pre and post-human contact forms of the virus.
(b) She says they should find a map.
(c) She says they should go to Lusitania to collect the rest of the humans.
(d) She says they should never have put Jane in charge of the mission.

9. Who says "the god has moved her starship!" after Jane moves Miro's ship?
(a) Jane.
(b) Wang-mu
(c) Malu.
(d) Miro.

10. After the M.D. device is detected, why won't Jane push it outside?
(a) She wants the M.D. device to detonate.
(b) If it detonates "outside" it could cause irreparable harm to their dimension.
(c) She is too busy moving people off of Lusitania.
(d) She is too weak.

11. At the end of the chapter "How Do You Know They Aren't Quivering in Terror," how does Wang-mu feel about her wedding?
(a) She wants to back out.
(b) She is looking forward to it.
(c) She wants to move the wedding back.
(d) She is nervous about it.

12. Hikari tells Yasujiro Tsutsumi that he is upset with all their people since they have forgotten the lesson of history? What is this lesson?
(a) Not to build too tall of buildings.
(b) Not to fall in love.
(c) Not to go into debt.
(d) Not to make war.

13. Why do Jane and Miro wonder if they are betraying Ender in "Am I Betraying Ender"?
(a) Because they are happy and kissing hours after his death.
(b) Because they have changed his plan for the universe.
(c) Because they did not scatter his ashes,
(d) Because he never wanted them to be happy together.

14. What type of relationship do the Hive Queen and Jane settle into after Jane is in Val's body?
(a) A mother-daughter relationship.
(b) A sibling relationship.
(c) A friend to friend relationship.
(d) No relationship at all.

15. When Jane begins crying for the first time, what does she tell Miro?
(a) That he is beautiful.
(b) That his sister is a terrible person.
(c) That he reminds her of Ender.
(d) That he is mean.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Peter and Wang-mu successfully disarm both the M.D. device and Admiral Lands, where does Jane transport them?

2. Jane notes that it is easier for her to transport Wang-mu when she moves her and Peter back to Lusitania. Why?

3. What happens when Jane first leaps into Young Val's body?

4. How many stories of the old part of the building where the "godproof computer network" is stored are identical?

5. On Pacifica, Malu announces the god is come and _________ shouts at Jane to get out of Peter.

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