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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of relationship do the Hive Queen and Jane settle into after Jane is in Val's body?
(a) No relationship at all.
(b) A mother-daughter relationship.
(c) A sibling relationship.
(d) A friend to friend relationship.

2. Who does Jane forgive for speaking brutally to Young Val?
(a) Old Val.
(b) Miro.
(c) Malu.
(d) Peter.

3. When Jane can touch a human for the first time, who does she put her arms around?
(a) Novinha.
(b) Peter.
(c) Miro.
(d) Malu.

4. Who watches Jane try to enter Young Val's body?
(a) Human and the Hive Queen.
(b) Plower.
(c) Peter.
(d) Plikt.

5. What does Jane do when Quara physically threatens her?
(a) Punches Quara in the face.
(b) Tries to kill Quara with her bare hands.
(c) Moves herself to the forward compartment of the starship.
(d) Tries to verbally reason with Quara.

6. What happens when Peter tries to disarm Admiral Lands of his pistol?
(a) Peter is unsuccessful and breaks Admiral Lands's leg.
(b) Peter is unsuccessful and breaks Admiral Lands's fingers.
(c) Peter is successful but breaks Admiral Lands's leg.
(d) Peter is successful but breaks Admiral Lands's fingers.

7. Why is Admiral Lands uncomfortable with the role of commanding the deployment of the M.D. device?
(a) He does not like being in charge.
(b) He will be remembered as the second Xenocide.
(c) His wife is still on Lusitania.
(d) He is afraid he will die.

8. Which of the following statements describes Ender's death?
(a) His death is painful.
(b) During his death, there is much violence.
(c) His death is filled with song.
(d) During his death, his body disintegrates.

9. What happens when Jane first leaps into Young Val's body?
(a) Young Val becomes much weaker.
(b) Ender unable to let go and Jane spins thought the body.
(c) Ender invites Jane in.
(d) She gets a successful reception.

10. What happens when the Hive workers give Jane a sign aboard Miro's starship?
(a) Jane becomes angry.
(b) Jane attacks the Hive workers.
(c) Jane immediatley moves back onto the computer network.
(d) Jane collapses, unconscious.

11. What does Olhado give Plower?
(a) Fish for the next month.
(b) Fruit from the mothertree.
(c) A hug.
(d) A gift of song.

12. When Quara and Jane argue aboard the starship about Quara's suggestion regarding the descoladores, what does Jane tell Quara?
(a) She tells Quara they are not equals.
(b) She tells Quara that she needs to read more.
(c) She tells Quara that she respects her.
(d) She tells Quara she is ugly.

13. What will happen if Yasujiro Tsutsumi's request to stop the fleet is rejected?
(a) He will be relocated to Lusitania.
(b) He will be considered disloyal.
(c) He will be responsible for conducting his own fleet.
(d) He will be promoted.

14. When Peter awakens on the beach in "You Called Me Back from Darkness," who is next to him?
(a) Miro.
(b) Wang-mu.
(c) Jane.
(d) Val.

15. Why do Human and the Hive Queen comment that the mothertrees can only be a temporary home for Jane?
(a) Jane needs a real body and not a tree persona.
(b) If Jane stays too long she will destroy the mothertrees.
(c) The mothertrees are too strong for Jane to enjoy them for long.
(d) Jane will get bored too fast.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Plikt realize she will not tell about Ender's story as she contemplates it in her room?

2. How many years has it taken to undo the damage from the destruction of the buggers' home planet?

3. What is something new that Jane experiences as a human in her argument with Quara aboard the starship?

4. Which of the following is not a way that Plikt realizes Ender will be remembered.

5. When Jane begins crying for the first time, what does she tell Miro?

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