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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Yasujiro Tsutsumi's request to stop the fleet is approved, where is Yasujiro sent?
(a) Earth.
(b) Honshu.
(c) Path.
(d) Lusitania.

2. On Pacifica, Malu announces the god is come and _________ shouts at Jane to get out of Peter.
(a) Malu.
(b) Young Val.
(c) Wang-mu.
(d) Novinha.

3. Which of the following things can Miro not provide for Jane in their marriage?
(a) Support.
(b) Intimacy.
(c) Children.
(d) Increased awarness.

4. On what planet are Peter and Wang-mu invited to witness the restart of the "godproof computer network"?
(a) Pacifica.
(b) Divine Wind.
(c) Descolada.
(d) Path.

5. What does Admiral Lands consider in the best interest of humanity after he receives the stop command from the Starways Congress?
(a) Destruction of the descolada virus.
(b) Ensuring his own survival.
(c) Following the orders of the Starways Congress.
(d) Destruction of the M.D. device.

6. What type of relationship do the Hive Queen and Jane settle into after Jane is in Val's body?
(a) A friend to friend relationship.
(b) A sibling relationship.
(c) A mother-daughter relationship.
(d) No relationship at all.

7. When Jane returns to her new body to begin her existence as Val, her aiua is so vibrant that it also entwines with something else? What is this other object?
(a) The Starways Congress.
(b) The Hive Queen and pequenino's philotic web.
(c) The mothertrees.
(d) Ender's third body.

8. What false disclosure does Quara make to Wang-mu aboard Miro's craft?
(a) She says she is in love with Peter.
(b) She says that she has had an abortion.
(c) She says she has five children.
(d) She says she was molested by her brother.

9. What happens to Young Val when Jane takes over her body?
(a) Young Val dies.
(b) Young Val's aiua becomes entertwined with Jane.
(c) Young Val creates a new body for herself.
(d) Young Val's aiua passes into Peter.

10. Why does Jane regret using force on Quara after shoving her?
(a) She thinks that violence will cause eternal damnation.
(b) She does not regret using force.
(c) Quara is not healthy and Jane thinks she might have killed her.
(d) She realizes after she marries Miro, Quara will be her sister.

11. What is the name of the influential businessmen who visit Yasujiro Tsutsumi?
(a) Malulen.
(b) Shigeru.
(c) Quara.
(d) Hikari.

12. What does Firequencher observe might be the purpose of Ela and Quara's mission?
(a) To find a new home for all the humans on Lusitania.
(b) To determine whether descoladores are ramen or varelse.
(c) To mutate the descoladore virus to use as a weapon.
(d) To kill the descoladore virus.

13. The descoladores have designed a molecule that would fit into the human brain's receptor node for _____.
(a) Methamphetamine.
(b) Heroin.
(c) Anabolism.
(d) Protein.

14. What happens when Jane first leaps into Young Val's body?
(a) She gets a successful reception.
(b) Young Val becomes much weaker.
(c) Ender unable to let go and Jane spins thought the body.
(d) Ender invites Jane in.

15. After Jane leaves Ender's body where does she go?
(a) To Path.
(b) To Pacifica.
(c) Into the Pequinino network.
(d) Back to Lusitania.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a way that Plikt realizes Ender will be remembered.

2. Which of the following statements describes Ender's death?

3. How does Aimaina Hikari respond when Yasujiro Tsutsumi asks if he is supposed to bribe the politicians to stop the fleet?

4. Why is Quara upset that Peter gave the Little Doctor back?

5. What does Jane do when Quara physically threatens her?

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