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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jane begins crying for the first time, what does she tell Miro?
(a) That he reminds her of Ender.
(b) That he is beautiful.
(c) That he is mean.
(d) That his sister is a terrible person.

2. Who does Admiral Lands arrest after he receives the stop command from the Starways Congress?
(a) Causo.
(b) Peter.
(c) Miro.
(d) Yasujiro Tsutsumi.

3. Why are the networks among the Hive Queens familiar to Jane?
(a) She is sisters with the Hive Queen.
(b) They were an integral part of her birth.
(c) She is not familiar with them.
(d) Her mom was a Bugger.

4. When Jane can touch a human for the first time, who does she put her arms around?
(a) Malu.
(b) Peter.
(c) Novinha.
(d) Miro.

5. What does Firequencher observe might be the purpose of Ela and Quara's mission?
(a) To determine whether descoladores are ramen or varelse.
(b) To mutate the descoladore virus to use as a weapon.
(c) To find a new home for all the humans on Lusitania.
(d) To kill the descoladore virus.

6. Which of the following statements describes Ender's death?
(a) His death is filled with song.
(b) His death is painful.
(c) During his death, his body disintegrates.
(d) During his death, there is much violence.

7. What does Plikt say is the most important thing to remember about Ender, above all else?
(a) His greatness as a follower.
(b) His justice and mercy.
(c) His role as Speaker for the Dead.
(d) His strength and stubborness.

8. What quality does Jane possess that makes her more than human after she enters Val's body?
(a) She doesn't have real feelings.
(b) She can access all the ansible communication in the universe.
(c) She has a photographic memory.
(d) She has the ability to recover from defeat and injury more quickly.

9. Who leads Ender into Peter's body?
(a) Wang-mu.
(b) Jane.
(c) Valentine.
(d) The Hive Queen.

10. Which of the following is NOT true about Jane's interaction with the mothertrees?
(a) Jane overlooks the mothertrees at first.
(b) The mothertrees are nurturing and comfort Jane.
(c) Jane finds the mothertrees weak.
(d) Jane infuses new vivacity into the mothertrees.

11. When the ansible is not in communication with the Starways Congress's ansibles, who does it communicate with?
(a) The Hive Queen computers.
(b) The Bugger network.
(c) The computers in the old part of the building.
(d) The "godproof compter network".

12. After Wang-mu calls Peter back when his aiua starts drifting away, who serves the two of them dinner?
(a) The pequeninos.
(b) Yasujiro Tsutsumi.
(c) The Samoans.
(d) The mothertrees.

13. What is the relationship of Yasujiro Tsutsumi to Aimaina Hikari?
(a) Yasujiro Tsutsumi is Aimaina Hikari's former student.
(b) Yasujiro Tsutsumi is Aimaina Hikari's business partner.
(c) Yasujiro Tsutsumi is Aimaina Hikari's father.
(d) Yasujiro Tsutsumi is Aimaina Hikari's former teacher.

14. On what planet are Peter and Wang-mu invited to witness the restart of the "godproof computer network"?
(a) Descolada.
(b) Path.
(c) Divine Wind.
(d) Pacifica.

15. When Quara and Jane argue aboard the starship about Quara's suggestion regarding the descoladores, what does Jane tell Quara?
(a) She tells Quara that she respects her.
(b) She tells Quara they are not equals.
(c) She tells Quara she is ugly.
(d) She tells Quara that she needs to read more.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane notes that it is easier for her to transport Wang-mu when she moves her and Peter back to Lusitania. Why?

2. What does Plikt realize she will not tell about Ender's story as she contemplates it in her room?

3. Who presses the button to start the "godproof computer network"?

4. Why do Jane and Miro wonder if they are betraying Ender in "Am I Betraying Ender"?

5. When Jane returns to her new body to begin her existence as Val, her aiua is so vibrant that it also entwines with something else? What is this other object?

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