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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Miro state that is would be a shame if Ender came through the transformation exactly as he was before?
(a) Because Ender had done all he could do as his old self/
(b) Because Ender was incapable of compassion.
(c) Because Ender was completely crazy.
(d) Because Ender was never truly happy.

2. What does Firequencher observe might be the purpose of Ela and Quara's mission?
(a) To mutate the descoladore virus to use as a weapon.
(b) To determine whether descoladores are ramen or varelse.
(c) To kill the descoladore virus.
(d) To find a new home for all the humans on Lusitania.

3. What happens when the Hive workers give Jane a sign aboard Miro's starship?
(a) Jane becomes angry.
(b) Jane collapses, unconscious.
(c) Jane attacks the Hive workers.
(d) Jane immediatley moves back onto the computer network.

4. When the ansible is not in communication with the Starways Congress's ansibles, who does it communicate with?
(a) The Bugger network.
(b) The "godproof compter network".
(c) The computers in the old part of the building.
(d) The Hive Queen computers.

5. Who does Jane forgive for speaking brutally to Young Val?
(a) Peter.
(b) Malu.
(c) Old Val.
(d) Miro.

6. What does Jane suggest is the symbol to mark the occasion of her and Miro's engagement?
(a) Comingled tears.
(b) Shared experiences.
(c) Sharing of blood.
(d) An engagement ring.

7. Why does Miro think that Quara is as contrary as she is?
(a) She is infected by an evil spirit.
(b) She had to put up with Marcao's rage growing up.
(c) She was always spoiled as a child by Marcao.
(d) She has a personality disorder.

8. What does Plikt realize she will not tell about Ender's story as she contemplates it in her room?
(a) Her own selfishness.
(b) Ender's selfishness.
(c) Her own selflessness.
(d) Ender's selflessness.

9. After Peter and Wang-mu successfully disarm both the M.D. device and Admiral Lands, where does Jane transport them?
(a) To Miro's starship.
(b) To Divine Wood.
(c) To Lusitania.
(d) To the Starways Congress.

10. Who does Admiral Lands arrest after he receives the stop command from the Starways Congress?
(a) Yasujiro Tsutsumi.
(b) Peter.
(c) Causo.
(d) Miro.

11. When Peter opens his eyes on the beach, what does he tell everyone he dreamed about?
(a) A dragon.
(b) A pig.
(c) A fish.
(d) A squid.

12. After the M.D. device is deactivated, what happens when Admiral Lands bumps into the Little Doctor?
(a) He is filled with self-loathing at what he almost did.
(b) He is angry because he was unsuccessful.
(c) All of his memory is lost.
(d) He is temporarily paralized.

13. When Jane returns to her new body to begin her existence as Val, her aiua is so vibrant that it also entwines with something else? What is this other object?
(a) The Hive Queen and pequenino's philotic web.
(b) The Starways Congress.
(c) Ender's third body.
(d) The mothertrees.

14. What happens when Peter tries to disarm Admiral Lands of his pistol?
(a) Peter is successful but breaks Admiral Lands's fingers.
(b) Peter is successful but breaks Admiral Lands's leg.
(c) Peter is unsuccessful and breaks Admiral Lands's fingers.
(d) Peter is unsuccessful and breaks Admiral Lands's leg.

15. After the M.D. device is detected, why won't Jane push it outside?
(a) If it detonates "outside" it could cause irreparable harm to their dimension.
(b) She wants the M.D. device to detonate.
(c) She is too busy moving people off of Lusitania.
(d) She is too weak.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Ender's bodies as Ender's and Jane's aiuas wrangle for control?

2. Who communicates by ansible with Miro to update him on Jane's status?

3. At the end of the chapter "How Do You Know They Aren't Quivering in Terror," how does Wang-mu feel about her wedding?

4. Who uses the example of Ender killing two boys in Battle School to support their argument?

5. When Quara and Jane argue aboard the starship about Quara's suggestion regarding the descoladores, what does Jane tell Quara?

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