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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Malu compare in appearance to other Samoans?
(a) He looks nothing like the other Somoans.
(b) He is much fatter and has no hair.
(c) He is a little whiter and more decoratively dressed.
(d) He is much taller.

2. How does the Hive Queen suggest that she and Human help Ender?
(a) By bringing more attention to Ender's duties.
(b) By infecting Ender with the descolada virus.
(c) By teaching the fathertrees to cast a philotic web to catch his aiua.
(d) By moving Ender to Divine Wood.

3. What is Outspace?
(a) Literally out of space.
(b) A country.
(c) A theory of the universe.
(d) A planet.

4. What observation does Malu make about Jane's attitude toward her mechanical body?
(a) She doesn't need it.
(b) She is fundamentally dissatisfied with it.
(c) She is pleased with her mechanical existence.
(d) She doesn't appreciate it enough.

5. When was Peter called into being?
(a) During Ender's first trip to Outspace.
(b) During the creation of Divine Wood.
(c) During his parents' honeymoon.
(d) During the last xenocide.

6. Who says she is "sick of letting people go"?
(a) Young Val.
(b) Wang-mu.
(c) Novinha.
(d) Jane.

7. What is causing Young Val to fade away?
(a) She has always been weak.
(b) She is becoming ill from descolada.
(c) She is only an illusion.
(d) She is losing Ender's attention.

8. What is the relationship of Quim to Novinha?
(a) He is her husband.
(b) He is her son.
(c) He is her father.
(d) He is her friend.

9. When Miro and Young Val return to Lusitania one day and are greeted by his brothers, sisters, and Old Val, what do they tell them about Ender?
(a) Ender is divorcing his wife.
(b) Ender is dying.
(c) Ender has retreated into the Filhos.
(d) Ender is weaker than ever.

10. Who instructs Wang-mu and Peter that Malu can influence Hikari?
(a) Grace.
(b) Ender.
(c) Jane.
(d) Miro.

11. What task has Peter been assigned that makes his work more interesting to Ender?
(a) Reviving Ender into a new body.
(b) Finding a new planet on which to live.
(c) Saving the life of Jane.
(d) Stopping the destruction of Lusitania.

12. What happens at the end of the "You Don't Believe in God" chapter when Ender and Novinha reunite in the garden?
(a) Novinha grants Ender permission to stay.
(b) Novinha sends Ender away forever.
(c) Novinha invites Ender to stay only for the night.
(d) Novinha says Ender must go but she will miss hm.

13. How does Miro maintain contact with Jane during his travels?
(a) Through a series of flashes of light.
(b) Through a transceiver in his ear.
(c) Though telepathic messages.
(d) Through a messanger.

14. If Jane dies, what, according to Miro, dies along with her?
(a) Her ability to help humans, pequeninos, and buggers.
(b) Her ability to fight the descolada virus.
(c) Her ability to drive out the pequeninos.
(d) Her ability to make peace for the whole world.

15. Why does Hikari pour his own servant tea?
(a) It is the usual custom.
(b) Because his servant has no arms.
(c) His servant is not allowed to touch the tea pot.
(d) To demonstrate humility.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Human and the Hive Queen discuss how to effect Jane's transfer, what news does the Hive Queen receive about Ender?

2. Who does Grace identify as Wang-mu's rival for Peter's love at Jane's deathbed?

3. Who does Novinha say "spins a pretty story"?

4. After Miro finds out that Jane's real mission for them was not finding habitable planets, what does he guess the real mission is?

5. According to Malu, how was the sun formed?

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