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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Grace identify as Wang-mu's rival for Peter's love at Jane's deathbed?
(a) Grace.
(b) Novinha.
(c) Plikt.
(d) Jane.

2. What does Novinha do immediately after Ender collapses in "Nobody is Rational"?
(a) She leaves him.
(b) She runs to get him water.
(c) She calls for help.
(d) She gives him CPR.

3. How does Wang-mu interpret Malu's story of creation?
(a) As an interpretation of the Bible.
(b) As a well designed fable.
(c) As an allegory for philotic theory.
(d) As the ravings of a lunatic.

4. Who does Novinha blame for Ender's collapse in "Nobody is Rational"?
(a) Jane.
(b) Miro.
(c) Ender.
(d) Herself.

5. What does Grace's husband describe as "impure feet tickling the Gods"?
(a) Peter meeting Grace.
(b) Peter meeting Malu.
(c) Peter talking to Jane.
(d) Peter marrying Wang-mu.

6. Who controls the flight of the spaceship in Chapter 1?
(a) Peter.
(b) Jane.
(c) Ender.
(d) Wang-mu.

7. After Miro finds out that Jane's real mission for them was not finding habitable planets, what does he guess the real mission is?
(a) Finding the Hive Queen.
(b) Finding descolada's planet of origin.
(c) Finding a body for Jane.
(d) Finding a new home for the pequeninos.

8. What religious movement is thriving on Pacifica?
(a) Ua Lava.
(b) Bee Communion.
(c) Order of the Children of the Mind.
(d) Christianity.

9. What is Outspace?
(a) A planet.
(b) A theory of the universe.
(c) A country.
(d) Literally out of space.

10. What happens when Hikari asks his computer for information on Wang-mu and Peter?
(a) The computer returns reports that they are spies.
(b) The computer cannot find any trace of them.
(c) He finds out that they are from Path.
(d) He finds out that they are imposters.

11. Why is combining the memories of Jane and Young Val possibly dangerous?
(a) It could cause Val to lose a sense of herself.
(b) It could cause friends to fail to recognize them.
(c) It could cause insanity.
(d) It could cause Jane to lose a sense of herself.

12. How many planets are Miro and Young Val able to visit on the quest that Jane sends them?
(a) Three.
(b) Eight.
(c) One.
(d) Twenty four.

13. How does the Hive Queen warn Miro and Val that she does not want to help them while they are on the way to see her?
(a) She shouts out to them.
(b) She sends a telepathic message.
(c) She sends a message via a worker.
(d) She send them an email.

14. How does Quim die?
(a) From descolada.
(b) From a gunshot wound.
(c) From an arrow to the heart.
(d) From a bite of a mosquito.

15. How does Malu compare in appearance to other Samoans?
(a) He is much fatter and has no hair.
(b) He is a little whiter and more decoratively dressed.
(c) He looks nothing like the other Somoans.
(d) He is much taller.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Miro maintain contact with Jane during his travels?

2. Why does Malu suggest Val might be a better host than Peter for Jane?

3. Who says, "all stories are fictions. What matters is which fiction you believe"?

4. What epiphany does Wang-mu have after Malu leaves his first visit with Peter and Wang-mu?

5. Who is Valentine?

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