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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 'The Road Goes On Without Him Now'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jane can touch a human for the first time, who does she put her arms around?
(a) Novinha.
(b) Peter.
(c) Miro.
(d) Malu.

2. When the ansible is not in communication with the Starways Congress's ansibles, who does it communicate with?
(a) The computers in the old part of the building.
(b) The "godproof compter network".
(c) The Bugger network.
(d) The Hive Queen computers.

3. Who uses the example of Ender killing two boys in Battle School to support their argument?
(a) Miro.
(b) Wang-mu.
(c) Quara.
(d) Peter.

4. Who does Novinha blame for Ender's collapse in "Nobody is Rational"?
(a) Jane.
(b) Miro.
(c) Herself.
(d) Ender.

5. Why does Hikari believe that Wang-mu and Peter were sent after consulting his computer?
(a) He thinks that they were sent by gods to tell him the truth.
(b) He believes that they are his lost children.
(c) He thinks that they are imposters.
(d) He believes that they are spies come to kill him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aboard Milo's starship what path does Quara suggest they take when she says they are proceeding along the wrong one?

2. Why does the Hive Queen not want to help find a way to put Jane's aiua into Val's body?

3. What is Outspace?

4. Who controls the flight of the spaceship in Chapter 1?

5. What false disclosure does Quara make to Wang-mu aboard Miro's craft?

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