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Lesson 1 (from 'I'm Not Myself')


"I'm Not Myself"

Wang-mu and Peter travel aboard the faster-than-light-ship from Path to Divine Wood. The objective of this lesson is to examine the idea of the faster-than-light ship.


Daily Lessons:

1. Class Discussion: What is the faster-than-light ship? Why do you think it is given such an obvious name? Do you think this name of the ship is significant? How does the faster-than-light ship function in the novel? Who uses the faster-than-light ship? Who controls the faster-than-light ship? What does the faster-than-light ship say about technology? Does this ship tell us anything about setting? Describe the physical appearance and attributes of the faster than light ship.

2. Writing Assignment: Write a short journal entry exploring how the faster-than-light ship has influences the story up until this point. What role do you think the ship will play in the rest of the novel? What does the faster-than-light...

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