Children of the Mind Character Descriptions

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Andrew Wiggin, Ender, The Xenocide, Speaker for the Dead

This character is drafted into Battle School and dismissed for being too ruthless, but later holds a successful military career.


This character is created accidentally during the first novel in the series and in Children of the Mind takes possession of Young Val's body.


This character experiences a period of debilitation that results in improved mental ability.

Peter Wiggin

This character is created in the image of a previous character who held the role of Hegemon.

Young Val

This character is selfless to a fault and begins to disintegrate early in the novel.

Si Wang-mu

This character was born into the serving class on the Chinese colony world of Path.

The Pequeninos

These characters are the indigenous species on Lusitania.

The Hive Queen

This character is saved from annihilation and re-establishes the bugger species on Lusitania.


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