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'I'm Not Myself'

• Si-Wang-mu leaves the planet Path with Peter to join him on his mission to stop the Lusitania fleet from destroying Lusitania.

• Miro and Valentine scout for new habitable planets.

• Jane moves colonists off Path.

• Peter was accidentally created out of the negative aspects of Ender's own character.

• Peter's memories are not those of the ancient Hegemon, Peter Wiggin, but are those that at a sub-conscious level Ender felt he should have.

• Peter is frustrated by the negative aspects that drive his character.
• Peter quarrels with Wang-mu and tells her to leave the ship and she thinks they are still in space.

• Peter says they are already on the planet of Divine Wind, and they talk about how the ship works.

• Jane is able to move the ship into Outspace and then back to the ship's destination by holding in her mind a perfect picture of...

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