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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is likely to survive chlidhood?
(a) Isaa'ca.
(b) Ufial'ala.
(c) Sofi'ala.
(d) Kaipin.

2. What does Emilio say about the first mission to Rakhat?
(a) That the first mission misunderstood almost everything about the two cultures.
(b) They did not intend for another group to come back.
(c) They did not train enough before arriving at Rakhat.
(d) They were squashed of any hope very quickly.

3. What eventually happens to Runa traitors?
(a) They are forgiven and welcomed back if they renounce the Jana'ata.
(b) They are imprisoned.
(c) Nothing because they cannot be identified.
(d) They are slain and eaten.

4. How does Supaari insult Hlavin?
(a) By calling Hlavin's daughter a whore.
(b) By appearing without armor to fight him.
(c) By degrading Hlavin's poetry.
(d) By suggesting Hlavin needs several others to help him fight Supaari.

5. What does Sofia tell Emilio she is willing to do?
(a) Take Ha'anala's baby.
(b) Turn the army around.
(c) Arrange safe passage for a delegation to meet with the Runa.
(d) Take him back to the Runa's capital city.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the ship bearing Emilio for his second trip to Rukhat land?

2. What does Supaari vow to never do again?

3. Why does Carlo require CPR and epinephrine?

4. About what does Sofia teach the Runa?

5. Who does Sofia wish would return to her camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Isaac and Ha'anala stay in a Jana'ata camp? What message does Ha'anala send Sofia?

2. What does Hlavin do by his twelfth year of rule?

3. What does Sean want to know from Emilio as they talk of God on the Bruno and what does Sean say Emilio must do about his misfortune?

4. What do the crew see on Rakhat when Bruno enters orbit and what do they hear? What does Joseba say about it?

5. What does Suukmel recall about God and the three different species on Rakhat that Ha'anala told her?

6. How is Isaac doing by the time Sofia is taking him to the lander and what does she think about him on a ship?

7. What happens to Bruno in 2047 on the way to Rakhat?

8. How does Ha'anala feel about the lander coming in with food, what does she know about her future and what does she say she wants done with the children?

9. What does Laaks tell Emilio about Ha'anala and what is Emilio's response?

10. What does Emilio do to avoid nightmares and what does he do when he sees himself dead?

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