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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Emilio learn about himself that was a relief to learn?
(a) That his father was forced to produce him with his mother.
(b) That he was a bastard.
(c) That the woman he calls mother is not his biological mother.
(d) That he had a twin who dies at age 3 months.

2. What does Isaac read on his computer everyday?
(a) Messages from Sofia.
(b) Poetry by Supaari.
(c) Music theory he downloads from the ship.
(d) Poetry of Hlavin.

3. For what is the plant yasapa used on Rakhat?
(a) Healing infection.
(b) Tea and brandy.
(c) Restoring snow blindness.
(d) It is cut up and used in salads.

4. What does Emilio say about the first mission to Rakhat?
(a) They were squashed of any hope very quickly.
(b) That the first mission misunderstood almost everything about the two cultures.
(c) They did not intend for another group to come back.
(d) They did not train enough before arriving at Rakhat.

5. What earth people does Sean see an analogy to with the Runa and the Jana'ata?
(a) The Russians and the Chinese.
(b) The Jewish and the Irish.
(c) The Cambodians and the Vietnamese.
(d) The Blacks and Whites in America.

6. What eventually happens to Runa traitors?
(a) Nothing because they cannot be identified.
(b) They are imprisoned.
(c) They are slain and eaten.
(d) They are forgiven and welcomed back if they renounce the Jana'ata.

7. What do Tiyat Va'agardi and Kajpin VaMasna plan to do?
(a) Go to Earth.
(b) Join Athnaasi.
(c) Capture a human.
(d) Kill Athnaasi.

8. Who is Puska?
(a) Ha'anala's commander.
(b) A hardened soldier sent to find Isaac when Isaac leaves camp.
(c) Isaac's only friend.
(d) Ha'anala's lover.

9. What is the evening prayer chant which Isaac says every night?
(a) Nothing; he refuses to pray.
(b) Creed of Life.
(c) Canticle.
(d) Sh'ma.

10. What is driving Isaac crazy on Rakhat in 2061?
(a) The sound of the Runa learning to fight with swords.
(b) The sound of warfare.
(c) The camp noises.
(d) The sound of the drums bringing news.

11. What does Sofia tell Emilio about the Jana'ata?
(a) She cannot tolerate their presence.
(b) She does not understand them.
(c) They deserve extinction.
(d) They are not capable of change.

12. What does Supaari intend to do when he wanders off?
(a) Find his other daughter who is taken from him at birth.
(b) He is not sure.
(c) Gather other Jana'ata for revenge on Kanchay.
(d) Starve himself to death.

13. For what does Sofia say God has used her?
(a) To take Ha'anala's baby.
(b) To give birth to Isaac.
(c) The Runas' freedom.
(d) To meet him when he returned.

14. What does Suukmel no longer know?
(a) How to motivate her people.
(b) What deity rules her life.
(c) Why her son is not fit to rule.
(d) Why Hlavin wanted peace.

15. What is Suukmel determined to do?
(a) Confront Sofia.
(b) Flee to the forests.
(c) Marry Laaks.
(d) Kill Emilio for bringing Sofia.

Short Answer Questions

1. With how many troops does Hlavin march?

2. What happens when Isaac uses real speech?

3. What does Supaari vow to never do again?

4. What does Emilio declare to Nico?

5. What must Emilio show God?

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