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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Supaari insult Hlavin?
(a) By degrading Hlavin's poetry.
(b) By calling Hlavin's daughter a whore.
(c) By suggesting Hlavin needs several others to help him fight Supaari.
(d) By appearing without armor to fight him.

2. What enables the Runa to track the Jana'ata and cut them off from their food supplies?
(a) A glider that Sofia constructs.
(b) Infrared googles that the humans brought with them.
(c) A means of communicating by drums.
(d) Human-made communications equipment.

3. For what is the plant yasapa used on Rakhat?
(a) Restoring snow blindness.
(b) Tea and brandy.
(c) Healing infection.
(d) It is cut up and used in salads.

4. Who is likely to survive chlidhood?
(a) Ufial'ala.
(b) Isaa'ca.
(c) Kaipin.
(d) Sofi'ala.

5. What does Isaac read on his computer everyday?
(a) Music theory he downloads from the ship.
(b) Poetry by Supaari.
(c) Messages from Sofia.
(d) Poetry of Hlavin.

6. For what does Sofia say God has used her?
(a) The Runas' freedom.
(b) To give birth to Isaac.
(c) To take Ha'anala's baby.
(d) To meet him when he returned.

7. What does Sofia tell Emilio about the Jana'ata?
(a) They deserve extinction.
(b) She cannot tolerate their presence.
(c) She does not understand them.
(d) They are not capable of change.

8. Who does Emilio quote during his withdrawal?
(a) Nietsche.
(b) Lenin.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Socrates.

9. What do Sofia's guides find when they arrive at the landing site?
(a) An empty site that smells of blood.
(b) Nico waiting for them.
(c) The lander is gone.
(d) A dead human body.

10. What does Emilio say about the first mission to Rakhat?
(a) They did not intend for another group to come back.
(b) They were squashed of any hope very quickly.
(c) They did not train enough before arriving at Rakhat.
(d) That the first mission misunderstood almost everything about the two cultures.

11. Who does Emilio meet at Gina's grave?
(a) Vincenzo.
(b) Ariana Fiore, his daughter.
(c) Gina's second husband.
(d) No one.

12. Who is Puska?
(a) Ha'anala's lover.
(b) Isaac's only friend.
(c) A hardened soldier sent to find Isaac when Isaac leaves camp.
(d) Ha'anala's commander.

13. To whose deaths does Suukmel look forward?
(a) Sofia and Isaac.
(b) Supaari and Sofia.
(c) Supaari and Puska.
(d) Rukuei and Isaac.

14. What does Sofia assume about Isaac?
(a) He hates her.
(b) He wants to come home.
(c) He wants to marry a human female.
(d) He is a hostage to bait and capture her.

15. Who does Emilio blame for his misfortunes?
(a) Satan.
(b) The greed of the Catholic church.
(c) God.
(d) The lack of compassion of the Catholic church.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emilio declare to Nico?

2. Why does Emilio believe the singers of Mozart piece are Jana'ata children?

3. With what does Emilio refuse to credit Hlavin?

4. What food is substituted for Ruan flesh?

5. What happens when Ha'anala begins labor?

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