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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Emilio believe the singers of Mozart piece are Jana'ata children?
(a) The Runa have not yet learned Mozart.
(b) There are linguistic reasons for believing that.
(c) The Runa do not sing.
(d) The Runa sing in a different key.

2. What does Suukmel no longer know?
(a) Why Hlavin wanted peace.
(b) Why her son is not fit to rule.
(c) How to motivate her people.
(d) What deity rules her life.

3. With whom does Isaac want to study?
(a) The seer of the Runa.
(b) The humans who have just arrived.
(c) No one.
(d) People who sing.

4. Why does Emilio freeze when he sees Rukuei?
(a) He is someone who abused Emilio before.
(b) He is a Runa.
(c) He has a long spear.
(d) He is a Jana'ata Kitheri.

5. How did the former views on legacy affect Jana'ata society?
(a) It affected the way the Jana'atans related to their gods.
(b) It held back commerce and the arts.
(c) It kept most Jana'ata from space travel.
(d) It kept the Runa in power.

6. What does Isaac's music represent?
(a) The possibility there is a God.
(b) The harmonization of the three species' DNA sequences.
(c) Jana'ata's DNA is longer than the Runas'.
(d) The dominant DNA strand is human.

7. Where does Sofia think Isaac would do well?
(a) In the Jana'ata colony.
(b) In a small village of Runa.
(c) On the ship.
(d) In the mountains where it is quiet.

8. Who is going to go back to Earth with Emilio?
(a) Ha'anala's baby.
(b) Sofia.
(c) Rukuei.
(d) Laaks.

9. How far forward in time does Chapter 21 jump?
(a) 2090-95.
(b) It does not jump forward.
(c) 3000.
(d) 2078-85.

10. When does the ship bearing Emilio for his second trip to Rukhat land?
(a) October, 2078.
(b) July, 2075.
(c) March, 2074.
(d) December, 2077.

11. What does the lander have in it when it lands near Ha'anala?
(a) Some plants that the Ja'na'atas can eat.
(b) Sofia and the Runa council.
(c) Firearms for hunting.
(d) Full of game to cook and eat.

12. For what is the plant yasapa used on Rakhat?
(a) Restoring snow blindness.
(b) It is cut up and used in salads.
(c) Tea and brandy.
(d) Healing infection.

13. What does Emilio believe about Ha'anala's baby?
(a) It will not be raised by Sofia.
(b) It will be killed if the Runa attack.
(c) Only the baby's life matters.
(d) It will not live without food.

14. What does Isaac insist on concerning his mother?
(a) She has no right to speak with him.
(b) She must come to him.
(c) She must not be hurt.
(d) He will go and meet her.

15. About what does Sofia teach the Runa?
(a) Holy War.
(b) Laws.
(c) Prayer.
(d) Justice.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many babies has Ha'ananla lost?

2. What does Emilio declare to Nico?

3. Why is Emilio withdrawn from Quell?

4. Who does Emilio quote during his withdrawal?

5. What is Suukmel determined to do?

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