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Mary Doria Russell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Suukmel determined to do?
(a) Flee to the forests.
(b) Marry Laaks.
(c) Confront Sofia.
(d) Kill Emilio for bringing Sofia.

2. What does Emilio declare to Nico?
(a) That Emilio loves Nico.
(b) That Emilio will never trust Nico.
(c) That Nico is so unprepared.
(d) That Nico is the bastard rather than Emilio.

3. Who is likely to survive chlidhood?
(a) Sofi'ala.
(b) Kaipin.
(c) Ufial'ala.
(d) Isaa'ca.

4. Who is ready to euthanize Isaac?
(a) Ha'anala.
(b) Supaari.
(c) Athaansi.
(d) Laaks.

5. Why is Emilio withdrawn from Quell?
(a) So he won't become psychotic.
(b) It is affecting his liver.
(c) It no longer affects him.
(d) It is affecting his vision.

6. What does Suukmel recall Ha'anala once saying?
(a) That Sofia is the Runa's savior and downfall.
(b) That Sofia is the Runa's savior.
(c) That Jana'ata and Runa have the same genetic background.
(d) That Jana'ata, Runa, and Humans being children of one God who sees no differences.

7. What is the evening prayer chant which Isaac says every night?
(a) Nothing; he refuses to pray.
(b) Canticle.
(c) Sh'ma.
(d) Creed of Life.

8. What does Sofia recall as Supaari falls to the ground dying?
(a) A saying for Psalms.
(b) Supaari's prophesy.
(c) Isaac's prophesy.
(d) Joshua's battle at Jerico.

9. What eventually happens to Runa traitors?
(a) They are slain and eaten.
(b) Nothing because they cannot be identified.
(c) They are forgiven and welcomed back if they renounce the Jana'ata.
(d) They are imprisoned.

10. What has happened to the Runa to make them excellent students?
(a) They have dropped their victim-like beliefs.
(b) They have always been excellent students.
(c) They are not well fed.
(d) They have idolized Sofia.

11. What are the refugees arriving from the South fleeing?
(a) The violent Runa revolution.
(b) The monsoon floods that are unusually bad.
(c) The terrible fires that are ravaging the South.
(d) The arrival of more and more humans.

12. What does Emilio tell Sofia is the reason he left the priesthood?
(a) Learning how to hate.
(b) He wanted to marry Gina.
(c) He does not believe in God.
(d) Because he had sex on Rukhat.

13. Why does Emilio freeze when he sees Rukuei?
(a) He is a Runa.
(b) He has a long spear.
(c) He is someone who abused Emilio before.
(d) He is a Jana'ata Kitheri.

14. What does Supaari observe which motivates him on a new mission?
(a) Parasites.
(b) The courtship of two elader.
(c) Some ant like creatures.
(d) Birds.

15. What did Emilio learn about himself that was a relief to learn?
(a) That the woman he calls mother is not his biological mother.
(b) That he was a bastard.
(c) That he had a twin who dies at age 3 months.
(d) That his father was forced to produce him with his mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isaac set to music?

2. What selections does Isaac play?

3. Why does Emilio believe the singers of Mozart piece are Jana'ata children?

4. Who is Danny's ally?

5. What does Sofia accept about Supaari and Djalao?

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