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Mary Doria Russell
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 33-36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what does Giuliani speak to Sandoz?
(a) A new mission to Rakhat.
(b) Vows.
(c) Nothing; the two men do not speak to each other.
(d) Retirement.

2. Why are the Jesuits killed on Rakhat?
(a) They meddled in local affairs.
(b) They die of despair.
(c) They eat poisonous plants.
(d) They try to convert the natives.

3. What selections does Isaac play?
(a) Hlavin's poesy to the creator.
(b) Vivaldi.
(c) The Magellan's varied collection.
(d) Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.

4. What does Emilio want to know from Gina about Sofia?
(a) How Gina knows about her drug problem.
(b) Why Gina has not told him that Gina and Sofia are half sisters.
(c) How Gina knows she is alive.
(d) Why Gina has not told him Gina and Sofia are cousins.

5. About what does Sofia teach the Runa?
(a) Prayer.
(b) Holy War.
(c) Laws.
(d) Justice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Carlo require CPR and epinephrine?

2. What do Tiyat Va'agardi and Kajpin VaMasna plan to do?

3. What has happened to the Runa to make them excellent students?

4. Where is Supaair in the opening of Chapter 12?

5. Why won't Isaac go back to the camp when Ha'anala finds him?

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