Objects & Places from Children of God: A Novel

Mary Doria Russell
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Galatna Palace

A pleasure palace located above the city of Gayjur by the ocean on the planet Rakhat, it houses reshtars--third and subsequent sons of minor royal families who by birth order are excluded from official roles.

Giordano Bruno

The spacecraft aboard which the second Jesuit mission to Rakhat flies, it is named by owner Carlo Giuliani after a priest from Florence, Italy, burned at the stake in 1600 after proposing that stars besides the sun have habitable planets.


The central kingdom in the Triple Alliance (alongside Mala Njer and Palkirn) on the planet Rakhat, it is also the name of a prosperous, crowded, jumbled capital city.


One of the two sentient species on the planet Rakhat, the Singers of Rakhat bear a superficial resemblance to the more numerous Runa.


The cliffside Runa village on the planet Rakhat where humans first establish contact, it appears to...

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