Children of God: A Novel Character Descriptions

Mary Doria Russell
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Emilio José Sandoz

With high cheekbones, slicked-back, black-and-silver hair, and a trimmed conquistador goatee, he is the novel's protagonist.

Sofia (Fia) Mendes Quinn

A lay member of the first Jesuit expedition to planet Rakhat, she marries a tall, homely, kind Irish Catholic astronomer even as death is claiming most of the crew members.

Hlavin Kitheri

A Jana'ata prince on the planet Rakhat, he is the Reshtar of Galatna.


A young Runa female on the planet Rakhat, she is the daughter of Manuzhai and a translator.

Br. Edward Behr, S.J.

The Jesuit brother charged with caring for protagonist Emilio Sandoz during his recovery from the physical and emotional wounds that he suffers on the planet Rakhat.

Fr. John Candotti, S.J.

A member of the second Jesuit expedition to the planet Rakhat, he is protagonist Emilio Sandoz's closest friend aboard the Giordano Bruno.

Suukmel Chirot u Vaadai

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