Children of God: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mary Doria Russell
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Prelude and Chapters 1-4

• Edward Behr reminds Emilio Sandoz that healing takes time and tells Vincenzo Giuliani to go slow on Sandoz confronting his horrors.

• Emilio goes to a baptism and is befriended by four-year-old, Celestina and Vincenzo talks of another mission to Rakhat.

• Emilio will do work for the mission but will not go back to that planet. Vincenzo tells the Pope how unfair the media has been to Emilio.

• Rakhat has two sentient species: the placid Runa and carnivorous Jana'ata.

• Through misunderstanding the natives all the Jesuits were wiped out except Emilio he is on a trade ship whose crew is also killed.

• Sofia Mendes Quinn is still on Rakhat in 2042 and she thinks about how the other crew members had been killed.

• Sofia was nearly killed helping the Runa stand up to the Jana'ata but Kanchay VaKashan takes her to a sanctuary in the forests...

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