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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lady Jessica frequently referred to as?

2. What news does Farad'n receive from Arakis?

3. How will House Corrino defeat House Atreides?

4. What does Farad'n go to the library to do?

5. What does the rock cropping that is Jacurutu resemble?

Short Essay Questions

1. Farad'n learns of everything Princess Wensicia has done on his behalf. How does he react to the political game? How does he feel about his growing place in history?

2. How could Ghanima be used to unite the warring Corrino and Atreides Houses? Who would like to see the Houses united?

3. Why won't Leto allow Paul to wander in the desert to die?

4. Describe the first lesson that Lady Jessica teaches Farad'n.

5. The decision for Ghanima and Leto to follow Leto's vision was a difficult one. After they have been separated, we find out that Leto did not tell Ghanima the whole of his vision. What did he not tell her? What does Leto need to do?

6. What happens as Leto realizes the mistake he has made in the spice trances? What is the mistake? What does he do?

7. What transpires between Idaho and Alia when he returns to her?

8. What happens on Ayil (the holy day commemorating a deified Muad'Dib dying) when The Preacher returns to Alia's temple?

9. What does Ghanima need for Irulan to understand if she is to help Ghanima?

10. What plan does Alia propose to Ghanima while holding her captive? What is Ghanima's response? How does Irulan respond to their plan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Frank Herbert tells the reader about "Abomination". What does abomination mean in the story? How does it come about? Who is the abomination? Is there anyone else at risk of becoming an abomination?

Essay Topic 2

Paul and Leto struggle over whether or not to allow Paul to die. They also struggle over how he should die. Why? What purpose does each man have? What is each man attempting to avoid?

Essay Topic 3

What do Leto and The Preacher discuss in the desert? What role will each of the men play in the Golden Path?

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