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Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to Alia's Temple while pilgrims are there seeking refreshment after noon?

2. Who will be blamed for the abduction of Lady Jessica?

3. Who gave Leto the instrument he loves to play?

4. What message does Jessica send Stilgar regarding Alia?

5. Where do Leto and Ghanima go to await the attack they know is coming?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Leto and Ghanima head toward The Attendant? What does Leto deduce is going to happen at The Attendant?

2. It is decided in this section that Alia is indeed Abomination. Why is that decision made? What did Alia do that sealed her fate as Abomination?

3. Lady Jessica suspects Leto is Abonimation, and demands and explanation from him when he begins discussing the concept of time and the choice he has to make to live and die for his subjects or live for thousands of years. What is Leto's response to Jessica's demand for an explanation?

4. What does Idaho deduce about the assassination plot Alia is so concerned about? Who is it really against? How does Idaho believe the attack will happen? What precautions does he suggest? Does Alia listen to him?

5. Describe the assassination attempt that plays out against Lady Jessica during her and Alia's audience with the people. Who attempts to assassinate her? How does Jessica avoid being killed?

6. What four things does Alia feel are the traditional reaction to unrest? In which way is she going to react to the mass unrest threatening her Regency?

7. Why does Alia feel alone? What makes her believe that she has no where to turn but inward? Why does she turn inward?

8. Alia finds it difficult, but she still asks her husband, Duncan Idaho, to abduct Jessica. How does he react? What does he say he will do?

9. What is the agreement that Alia has with her uncle Baron Harkonnen? Why does she believe she needs his help? Does the Baron have ulterior motives?

10. Why does Alia have to strengthen herself against "others"? What does she do in order to do that? Who are the "others"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does Leto see when he is injected with the blue spice solution? Describe in detail what he sees in his past, present, and future. Why has Leto been avoiding this kind of open mindedness? What are the dangers?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the events that take place at the end of the book and how the story concludes for each character. Are the characters where they anticipated being? Why or why not? Discuss each character's place at the end of the story in detail.

Essay Topic 3

Leto both hates and thanks his mother for kidnapping him and forcing him to take spice. Why? What happens to him during one of his trances that causes his outlook to change? What does he do as a result of the last trance he has?

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