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Short Answer Questions

1. What will bring humanity back from chaos?

2. Who encourages Alia by reassuring her of her plan to have Lady Jessica abducted?

3. What color is The Preacher's robe that smells of spice?

4. Who demands the answer to these three questions in relation to the assassination plot: When? Using what weapons? Where? The question of Who is unimportant to this character.

5. Why do people use spice?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Leto and Ghanima head toward The Attendant? What does Leto deduce is going to happen at The Attendant?

2. Lady Jessica and her sister Irulan are a part of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood. Who are the Bene Gesserits? What is their goal, and what role do Lady Jessica and Irulan play in that goal?

3. Why does Alia feel alone? What makes her believe that she has no where to turn but inward? Why does she turn inward?

4. What four things does Alia feel are the traditional reaction to unrest? In which way is she going to react to the mass unrest threatening her Regency?

5. Alia finds it difficult, but she still asks her husband, Duncan Idaho, to abduct Jessica. How does he react? What does he say he will do?

6. Spice is an important theme through out the book. What is spice? How is it produced? What is it used for?

7. Why does Leto talk Ghanima into inviting their parents persona-memories in despite the danger? What does Leto discover?

8. What three paths has Leto seen for himself that he explains to Stilgar? What are the implications of these paths? Where does Leto believe he will die?

9. What happens to Ghanima when she invites her mother, Chani's persona-memory into her? Why does it happen?

10. Why does Alia have to strengthen herself against "others"? What does she do in order to do that? Who are the "others"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paul and Leto struggle over whether or not to allow Paul to die. They also struggle over how he should die. Why? What purpose does each man have? What is each man attempting to avoid?

Essay Topic 2

There are ecological changes on Arakis that indicate the planet is changing. What changes does the author mention in the beginning of the story during the conversation between Ghanima and Leto? What impact could these changes have on the planet and the people living there? Relate this fictional situation to the current global changes we are experiencing. Are there similarities? What are the differences?

Essay Topic 3

The author first introduces the idea of Farad'n and Ghanima being joined as part of a political plot - one that he is in favor of and she is not. However, we come to learn that the marriage between Farad'n and Ghanima could have long reaching positive effects on the Empire. What are they? Discuss the impact this union would have locally (on Arakis) and across the Empire.

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