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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What training exercise does Leto practice when his inner voices turn against him?
(a) Picturing himself from infancy through old age.
(b) Deep compulsion.
(c) The Litany against Fear.
(d) Deep meditation.

2. Where does Leto head after escaping Jacurutu?
(a) South to Tabr.
(b) North into the desert.
(c) South to Tanzerouft.
(d) West to Alia's Temple.

3. What does Tyeknik call Princess Wensicia?
(a) Almighty Princess.
(b) Mother Superior.
(c) Empress.
(d) Queen Mother.

4. Which view of light (Eos) does Leto say he prefers?
(a) Maiki L'happ - the Light of Life.
(b) Maiki L'happ - the Light of Truth.
(c) Lisanu L'haqq - the Light of Life.
(d) Lisanu L'haqq - the Light of Truth.

5. What does Leto use to kill both Laza tigers that attack him and Ghanima?
(a) A blaster.
(b) None of these.
(c) Poisoned chrysknife.
(d) Poison tipped darts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Idaho do in order to be freed?

2. Where are The Preacher and Tariq headed?

3. What does Farad'n want to restore House Corrino to?

4. How will House Corrino defeat House Atreides?

5. Where is House Corrino located?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has Bene Gesserit training done to Farad'n? When does Jessica declare it time for his graduation?

2. Farad'n learns of everything Princess Wensicia has done on his behalf. How does he react to the political game? How does he feel about his growing place in history?

3. What transpires between Idaho and Alia when he returns to her?

4. What does Ghanima need for Irulan to understand if she is to help Ghanima?

5. Jessica and Idaho have a conversation regarding the current circumstances with Farad'n, Arakis, Alia, and Ghanima. They know that their conversation is being overheard. Does this change the things they choose to say to each other? Jessica believes this could be the reason for some of the things Idaho says. He has been aligned with at least two different characters, so who does he truly serve? Is he saying things for Farad'n's benefit, or does he mean the things he says about Jessica and House Atreides?

6. Who does Halleck discover is truly behind Leto's capture? What does he do as a result?

7. In order for the twins' plan to work, Ghanima must convince herself that Leto is dead. How does she do this? What does she believe happened to Leto? What really happens?

8. What happens as Leto realizes the mistake he has made in the spice trances? What is the mistake? What does he do?

9. How could Ghanima be used to unite the warring Corrino and Atreides Houses? Who would like to see the Houses united?

10. What plan does Alia propose to Ghanima while holding her captive? What is Ghanima's response? How does Irulan respond to their plan?

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