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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who declares Leto cannot remain a "repository of dead lives"?
(a) Namri.
(b) Sabiha.
(c) Alia.
(d) Stilgar.

2. Who does Leto envision sharing his future with?
(a) Irulan.
(b) Ghanima.
(c) Sabiha.
(d) Alia.

3. How will House Corrino defeat House Atreides?
(a) By introducing traitors into their society.
(b) By introducing stress into their society.
(c) Through secret attacks and abductions.
(d) Through open war.

4. Who could unite the warring houses?
(a) Alia.
(b) Leto.
(c) Ghanima.
(d) Lady Jessica.

5. What does Leto tell Paul that brings him to tears?
(a) Alia is destroying Arakis.
(b) Lady Jessica has trained Farad'n.
(c) Ghanima is possessed by Chani.
(d) Alia is possessed by Baron Harkonnen.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long did it take Farad'n to learn prana-binder?

2. What does the rock cropping that is Jacurutu resemble?

3. Who does Ghanima blame and want retribution for Leto's death?

4. What will Ghanima do if she is betrothed to Farad'n?

5. Who does Idaho offer Jessica to?

Short Essay Questions

1. The decision for Ghanima and Leto to follow Leto's vision was a difficult one. After they have been separated, we find out that Leto did not tell Ghanima the whole of his vision. What did he not tell her? What does Leto need to do?

2. How could Ghanima be used to unite the warring Corrino and Atreides Houses? Who would like to see the Houses united?

3. What bad news does Alia receive in her temple while it is still thought that Leto is dead and she holds Ghanima captive?

4. In this section, Idaho delivers Lady Jessica to Farad'n. Why? Who is behind the plan? What does Farad'n suspect is happening?

5. How is it that Sabiha and Leto have both come to be at Shuloch again?

6. What does Leto allow to cover him in the sand? Why?

7. What transpires between Idaho and Alia when he returns to her?

8. How does Leto convince The Preacher of who he is?

9. What happens to Leto as he approaches Jacarutu? Why does it happen? How does this differ from his vision?

10. Why does Ghanima hate Farad'n so much? Are her feelings warranted? Why or why not?

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