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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Leto sense is behind his capture?
(a) Alia.
(b) Farad'n.
(c) The Preacher.
(d) Lady Jessica.

2. What would be the benefit of a union between Ghanima and Farad'n?
(a) Peace among Fremen.
(b) Peace in the Empire.
(c) Peace between CHOAM and the Great Houses.
(d) Peace on Arakis.

3. What happens to Leto as a result of the injection?
(a) He runs into the desert screaming.
(b) He has violent convulsions.
(c) He goes into a deep trance.
(d) He is lost to his inner lives.

4. Who is truly behind Leto's capture?
(a) Alia.
(b) Jessica.
(c) Ghanima.
(d) Farad'n.

5. Who does Idaho offer Jessica to?
(a) Irulan.
(b) Farad'n.
(c) Princess Wensicia.
(d) Alia.

6. Who attempts to anger sandworms so they will kill Leto and Paul?
(a) Namri.
(b) Sabiha.
(c) Halleck.
(d) Tariq.

7. What does Idaho do once in an aircraft for Tabr?
(a) He sobs.
(b) He curses Alia.
(c) He screams.
(d) None of these.

8. Who does Irulan fear is out to destroy her family?
(a) Leto.
(b) Alia.
(c) The Preacher.
(d) Farad'n.

9. Who does battle during one of Leto's forced spice trips?
(a) Alia and Ghanima.
(b) Muad'Dib and Baron Harkonnen.
(c) Duke Leto I and Baron Harkonnen.
(d) Stilgar and Galleck.

10. What does Alia use to compose herself after receiving a lot of bad news?
(a) She consults Baron Harkonnen.
(b) Deep compulsion.
(c) The Litany against Fear.
(d) Spice Trance.

11. What news does Farad'n receive from Arakis?
(a) Ghanima is a hostage.
(b) Leto is dead.
(c) All of these.
(d) There is an uneasy truce in the civil war.

12. What does Leto call an "unending adventure"?
(a) Arakis.
(b) The spice trances.
(c) Muad'Dib's religion.
(d) Knowledge.

13. What does Leto use to kill both Laza tigers that attack him and Ghanima?
(a) A blaster.
(b) Poison tipped darts.
(c) Poisoned chrysknife.
(d) None of these.

14. Who does Ghanima blame and want retribution for Leto's death?
(a) Lady Jessica.
(b) Farad'n.
(c) Gurney Halleck.
(d) Alia.

15. What does Halleck inject Leto with?
(a) Red fluid which is spice essence.
(b) Blue fluid which is spice essence.
(c) Blue fluid which is worm essence.
(d) Red fluid which is a hallucinatory drug.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Halleck learn from Namri?

2. Where is House Corrino located?

3. What does Idaho do in order to be freed?

4. What does the "skin symbiote" allow Leto to do?

5. What does Farad'n go to the library to do?

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