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The planet on which most of the action of Children of Dune occurs, this planet is no longer a desert planet deserving the unofficial name "Dune" as half of the planet has already been greened.

Bene Gesserit

A Sisterhood that runs a school of intensive physical and mental training, it is too preoccupied with righting the outcome of its breeding program to deal with religion during this time period.


This planet is home to House Atreides' and has vast oceans and smaller bodies of water and rain falls from the skies.


This group controls every product and service in the Empire, in particular the priceless melange, which makes space flight possible and extends the upper classes' lives.

The Golden Path

Based on a dream seen by Leto II Atreides, this is a new direction for the human species, away from Paul-Muad'Dib's path of jihad.


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