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Essay Topic 1

Frank Herbert tells the reader about "Abomination". What does abomination mean in the story? How does it come about? Who is the abomination? Is there anyone else at risk of becoming an abomination?

Essay Topic 2

There are ecological changes on Arakis that indicate the planet is changing. What changes does the author mention in the beginning of the story during the conversation between Ghanima and Leto? What impact could these changes have on the planet and the people living there? Relate this fictional situation to the current global changes we are experiencing. Are there similarities? What are the differences?

Essay Topic 3

Describe in detail the role of spice in this story. How is it produced? Why? Who does it effect? Why does it play such an important role in the book?

Essay Topic 4

Describe the role of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood in the story. Who are...

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