Children of Dune Character Descriptions

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Leto II Atreides - This character is the novel's protagonist and intends to restore humanity to its proper peace and prosperity.

Alia Atreides Idaho - Head of the Mahdinate, this character is named Regent to twin brother and sister.

Lady Jessica Atreides - This character, a graduate of the Bene Gesserit's deepest training program, begins the novel in self-imposed exile on Caladan, House Atreides' home planet.

Ghanima - An orphaned twin, this character is reluctant to go along with the plan to initiate the Golden Path that will reverse the disastrous Mahdinate and Jihad.

Paul-Muad'Dib Atreides - First believed to be dead, it is clear that this character is actually living life as another person. However, this character does eventually reject all past identities and assumes only one identity.

Irulan Corrino Atreides - This ineffectual character is the daughter of a late Emperor. This character enjoys a...

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