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Children of Dune (through pg. 54)

• We are introduced to several of the main characters of the book including: The twins Ghanima and Leto, The Preacher (Muad'Dib), Lady Jessica and the Bene Gesserit, Alia, Princess Wensicia.

• We learn that the characters are deeply intertwined in a long running story that is picking up with the next generation.
• Spice is important to the overall story. It is an addictive drug produced from sandworms used for space travel and communicating with inner lives.

• Alia is considered "Abomination" and holds the past memories of generations, who actually threaten to take over Alia because of spice.

• Ghanima and Leto, like Alia, were born addicted to spice, but resist the urge to fall into the dark trances.
• There is a plot to assassinate Ghanima and Leto in order for Princess Wensicia's son Farad'n to retake the throne.

• The plot is to kill them with...

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