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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unique about the island George Greggson and Jean Morrel visit?
(a) It is a colony made up of zoologists.
(b) It is a colony made up of professors.
(c) It is a colony made up of astronomers.
(d) It is a colony made up of artists.

2. Who is Charles Yan Sen?
(a) A psychiatrist.
(b) A philosopher.
(c) A poet.
(d) A theologian.

3. What drug does Jan Rodricks inject himself with after being smuggled on board the alien ship?
(a) Sodium pentathol.
(b) Narcosamine.
(c) Novocaine.
(d) Darvocet.

4. What does Karellen plan to do with the children?
(a) Put them in suspended animation.
(b) Leave them with their parents for nurture and care.
(c) Quarantine them.
(d) Evacuate them.

5. What happens to the Earth?
(a) It is covered totally by water.
(b) It disintegrates.
(c) It burns.
(d) It is reborn.

Short Answer Questions

1. The greatest achievement of the people in the island community comes in what field?

2. What does Karellen state was the reason for his occupation of Earth?

3. Why does Karellen grieve for humans?

4. What does the device Karellen employs in the pressroom do?

5. How does Karellen explain the invaders' motives for occupying Earth?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are people worldwide grieving after George Greggson and Jean Morrel's children begin to change?

2. What does Jan Rodricks observe after the Overlords depart and leave him as the last person on Earth, and what does he wonder about the Overlords and his role at the end?

3. Why was New Athens founded, by whom, and what is its greatest artistic achievement?

4. How does Karellen explain to Jan Rodricks mankind's ancient fear of the satanic appearance of the Overlords?

5. What is significant about the results of the tsunami on George Greggson's family?

6. Why is Karellen sad at the end of the novel?

7. What is symbolic about the whale and the squid, especially in light of the end of the novel?

8. According to Karellen, why did the Overlords build Utopia, and what is his desire for mankind?

9. What are George Greggson's thoughts on Jan Rodricks after he learns that Rodricks has stowed away on an Overlord ship? How does Greggson identify with Rodricks?

10. Describe the response and mindset of the people of New Athens after the children are evacuated.

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